July 16, 2019  

Business Collections Law


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There is a lot of talk about the rights of customers, but what about your rights as a business owner? Whether you are trying to collect a bad debt or pursue some other type of recourse, we'll tell you how to do it in a legal manner.

Business Collections Law

  • How to Collect Business Debts - My client won't pay me. Help! Our client won't pay us for what they bought -- Sadly, we've heard this from many entrepreneurs victimized by scumbags who refuse to pay.
  • Attorney Letter Demanding Payment - An attorney letter demanding payment for a late payable is often the most effective way to collect a business debt. Before you hire a collection agency or sue to collect what's owed to you, consider sending a collections letter from your attorney.
  • Sample Debt Collection Letter - Dealing with deadbeats is a pain. When business owners do work and don't get paid, what are their options? This article includes the text of a sample letter demanding payment.
  • Taking Down a Website for Nonpayment - Taking down a website for nonpayment is something that is often discussed in the web designer and web developer community. If you've been stiffed by a client, can you take down their site and put a big These Guys Are Deadbeats notice on their home page?
  • Dos and Don'ts for Getting Paid by Customers - Many small businesses have clients who are tardy with their payments on invoices. It's important as a business owner to get paid, but you don't want to chase away a customer by being too aggressive in demanding payment. Here are some suggestions on getting invoices paid on time.
  • Make ‘Em Pay: The Best Debt Collection Strategies (Part 1) - One of the most challenging issues faced by entrepreneurs is debt collection. This two-part article will help you decide whether to extend credit to clients, and strategies for collecting delinquent debts.

  • Demand For Payment - You've made the sale and delivered the merchandise, but now you're having a hard time getting paid for it. So far, collection efforts have been a bust. Now what? Maybe it's time to send a formal Demand for Payment.




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