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Airtight contracts and agreements are your small business's best defense against improprieties and bad business deals. In this section, we discuss a variety of common small business contracts, equipping your company with the tools you need to lock down relationships with independent contractors, clients, vendors and other stakeholders.

Contracts and Business Agreements

  • Where to Find Sample Contracts Online - Need sample contracts? We've found the best places to get good sample business contracts online. Instead of hiring a lawyer to write a contract, use these contracts to get started. You can save the money you'd spend on lawyer fees and use it for something else that's more important.
  • Sample Business Debt Settlement Agreement - This sample business debt settlement agreement will be useful to any business that is collecting delinquent business debts and has gotten to the state where business debt negotiations are complete and it's time to settle.
  • Independent Contractor Contract Agreements - Independent contractor agreements are a necessity if you use independent contractors. In fact, failure to have a contractor sign an independent contractor contract might ultimately be used against you in recategorizing the independent contractor as an employee. Plus, there are many other issues you need to protect yourself against.
  • Attorney Fees Clauses - Attorneys fee clauses define who will pay attorney fees in the event of a contract dispute. If you leave attorney fee clauses out of a business contract, don't be surprised when you have to pay all the legal costs associated with a legal dispute that arises between you and the other parties to the contract.
  • Understanding Indemnification - Indemnification clauses are one of the more common legal clauses in business contracts. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand indemnification and how it works to make sure you never get burned.
  • Contract Basics - Contracts are of many types with most common classifications being the formal or simple, express or implied, and the unilateral or bilateral types. What do these classifications involve and what is implied by breach of contract and assignment of contract?

  • Understanding a Contract - Contracts and agreements are sort of a daily staple for entrepreneurs regardless of whether they are formal or informal. It is the complexity and variety of these contracts that makes it prudent for entrepreneurs to at least understand the basics by which they operate.
  • The Legal Aspects of Sales Contracts - The level of business success that an entrepreneur enjoys is fundamentally tied to the manner in which he/she handles the aspects of buying and selling. More than ever before there is an inherent need for entrepreneurs to understand the legal aspects that control the day to day use of sales contracts.
  • Confidentiality Agreement - Confidentiality agreements can go a long way toward protecting proprietary information and trade secrets. But non-disclosure agreements aren't foolproof. So here are our tips for creating a confidentiality agreement that has real legal teeth.
  • Consignment Agreement - Consignment is a great way to market your products without incurring the cost and headaches of a retail operation. A consign agreement protects your interests but you'll need to know what to include to avoid losing your products and your good nature.
  • Consulting Services Agreement - With the ranks of consultants swelling at a blistering pace, consulting services agreements are more important than ever. We've got the information you need to create a consulting services agreement that protects both the consultant and your company.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement - Independent contractors can be a great way to avoid paying employment taxes. But the IRS is on to your scheme and unless you have a solid independent contractor agreement, you could be in hot water.
  • Legal Forms For Small Business - Using legal forms for small business is a quick and easy way to deal with the legal requirements of business ownership. But you'll need to apply discernment to make sure your documents have what it takes to survive in the real world.
  • Nondisclosure Agreement - A nondisclosure agreement could be the only thing preventing public disclosure of your company's proprietary information. We'll talk about the benefits and nondisclosure agreements and how they can be applied to your business context.
  • General Agreement - There are a slew of business scenarios that call for a general agreement. The next time you need a business agreement, you'll be prepared with our small business tips for executing a general agreement.




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