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Marketing a Pecans Business

You have to be light on your feet to stay ahead of the curve these days, especially when you're promoting a pecans business. We have the information you need to create a nimble, yet effective marketing strategy for your business.

The promotional strategy for a pecans business is a case study in business evolution, with innovative tactics and techniques being rolled out on a continuous basis.

With a little luck and lot of hard work, any pecans business can achieve greater marketing dominance through strategic marketing and robust value messaging

Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising has clearly taken some hits over the past couple of decades. The number of consumers who tune-in to local TV and radio has plummeted, and the industry has struggled to regain its footing. However, it would be a mistake to discount broadcast advertising entirely. Many pecans businesses are leveraging broadcast media to perform specific aspects of their marketing strategies. Best practices for the use of broadcast advertising require businesses to evaluate their target audience's listening or viewing patterns and then tailor their media purchases to specific media outlets rather than blanketing the geography with brand messaging. For pecans businesses, local consumers may represent a sizeable portion of total revenues, making local radio and other broadcast media viable marketing channels -- but only to the extent that you match the station's audience to your customer base.


There are a lot worthwhile reasons for pecans businesses to conduct direct marketing. A coordinated mailing campaign raises your company's profile and draws new customers into the business. Third-party providers have a reputation for generating accurate mailing lists that can be sorted to accommodate niches and subsections of the market. Despite the added upfront expense, premium mailing lists are a smart investment if for no other reason than their ability to generate higher conversion rates.

Hiring A Marketing Firm

Eventually nearly all pecans business owners consider outsourcing their promotional and advertising functions to a professional marketing firm. Unless you have a marketing background, you won't be able to touch the ROI you'll receive from a professional firm. Cost is a consideration, but if you're thinking about hiring a marketing firm for your pecans business, it's important to find a firm with proven experience in the industry. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that the firm you hire is familiar with how technology is being used to forge connections with customers in your market niche.

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What tactics have you used to market your pecans business? We enjoy getting feedback and questions from you. Please post your thoughts below.

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