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Marketing a Recreation Center

You have to be light on your feet to stay ahead of the curve these days, especially when you're promoting a recreation center. We have the information you need to create a nimble, yet effective marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing a recreation center is a case study in business evolution, with innovative tactics and techniques being rolled out on a continuous basis.

Marketing increases the brand footprint of a recreation center using a carefully crafted mix of techniques and tactics.

Promotional Calendars

Uncoordinated and disjointed marketing plans tend to backfire on recreation centers. A strategy chocked full of time-sensitive ad placements and other tactics can devolve into a tangled mess of overlapping deliverables unless it is coordinated in a promotional calendar. Good calendars include not only tactical deadlines, but also schedules for the inputs (e.g. staff assets, vendors, etc.) that are required to execute strategic objectives. When used in tandem with a quality mailing list provider, promotional calendars can ensure the continuous execution of direct mail campaigns.

Leveraging Print Ads

Print advertising has been a marketing staple for recreation centers. Historically, Gutenberg's invention has been used for a broad range of commercial and promotional applications. Even though the Internet has challenged the position print ads once held in marketing circles, you can still realize substantial gains from marketing your recreation center in printed media. In fact, since so many companies are reallocating resources toward online advertising, you can get good deals on print ad placements in regional publications and markets.

Hiring A Marketing Firm

Eventually nearly all recreation center operations turn to marketing firms for guidance. Unless you have a marketing background, you won't be able to touch the ROI you'll receive from a professional firm. Once you decide to hire a professional marketing firm for your recreation center, experience should trump other considerations. Marketing firms that lack industry experience are sometimes unfamiliar with competitive marketing channels and may not understand the value propositions that dominate industry messaging.

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Did we forget to any good ideas on marketing a recreation center? If so, tell us about your marketing experiences. What has worked for you? What didn't work at all?

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