June 30, 2015  
  Mission Statements  
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Writing a mission statement is a simple task...until you actually try to do it. Whether you are interested in creating an organizational mission statement or a personal mission statement to guide your life, our mission statement articles will get you on the right track.

Mission Statements

  • Expert Advice on Mission Statements - Want expert advice on mission statements? Here's what Guy Kawasaki and others experts think about mission statements.
  • Team Mission Statements - Team mission statements? If you are on a team within your company working on a project, it's not a bad idea to have a mission statement.
  • Personal Mission Statements - Mission statements are not just for companies. What's your personal mission statement?
  • Mission Statements - Mission statements? Do you really need them. Some people say mission statements are a waste of time. Others say mission statements are necessary to communicate the essence of a business and get employees all on the same page.
  • The Importance of a Mission Statement - A mission statement is vital to the success of a company as a whole. It can unify a company and push them to new heights. Creating a mission statement is just as important for a small company starting out.
  • How to Create a Mission Statement - If you're in the process of learning how to create a mission statement, you'll find a ton of misinformation on the subject. We debunk three common mission statement myths.

  • Mission Statement Mistakes - What do people do wrong when crafting a mission statement? Here are five common mission statement mistakes to avoid.
  • How to Write a Mission Statement - Wondering how to write a mission statement? Here are five things you should keep in mind when writing a mission statement.
  • Mission Statement Samples - Looking for mission statement samples? We discuss mission statements of popular companies. If these work for these successful companies, maybe something similar can work for you.
  • How to Develop a Mission Statement - For those who want to learn how to develop a mission statement, we showcase a few mission statements from big companies and assess how they did it right and what they did wrong.




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