May 19, 2019  

Recordkeeping Advice is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Poor recordkeeping can negatively impact your company's bottom line. Fortunately, our Recordkeeping Advice section is packed with informative articles to help keep your small business's records in tip-top shape.

Business Recordkeeping Advice

  • Keeping Business Records Organized - Deciding what business records to keep and which business records to toss is not a straightforward decision. But our small business advice will give you some good guidelines for proper business recordkeeping.
  • Developing a Comprehensive Recordkeeping System - Smart business owners are organized. Everything has a place and is in its place. If you own a business and want to develop a comprehensive recordkeeping system, this is a must-read article.
  • Business Recordkeeping - Business recordkeeping isn't an art form. There are records you should keep and records you should toss. We discuss which business records must be kept and which can go into the shredder.
  • Business Identity Theft - It's bad enough that identity thefts are stealing individual identities, but now they are stealing business identities as well.
  • Petty Cash Record - Think petty cash is too "petty" for your time? Think again! Small purchases add up and unless you have a rock solid petty cash record, you company could be losing big bucks.
  • Expense Report - Staying on top of employee mileage and expense accounts is a never-ending struggle. Expense report processing systems are definitely the way to go. Here are a few of today's most popular expense reporting options.

  • Inventory Record - Inventory can be the key to the success or failure of your retail establishment. To turn a healthy profit, you need a first-rate inventory record system that gives you granular control over stock and merchandise.




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