October 18, 2019  
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Selling to Art Schools

First tier art schools understand the value of every dollar. If you're tired of sitting on the sidelines, maybe it's time to start selling to art schools.

In recent years, art schools have become high value targets in the B2B sector.
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Frequently, successful businesses reach their goals through the consistent application of proven selling concepts. That's especially true in the art school industry where simple blunders can translate into losses in market share.

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Understanding the Market

Start with good market research, which is a prerequisite for profitability in this industry. High volume sales teams conduct thorough research on market demand, pricing and niche opportunities.

More importantly, they research and evaluate the specific art schools that they want to add to their customer roster.

Since relationships are an important part of the selling process, meetings with art schools leaders and their staff can establish a basis for the sales cycle. These meetings can also provide information that can give your business a competitive edge.

How to Find Art School Leads

Leads are the foundation of successful selling. The first step in lead generation is to analyze the local market. From there, you can broaden your net to include the yellow pages, Internet searches and trade listings.

The names of art schools you obtain through your own efforts need to be qualified through phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations.

But the most accurate source of qualified sales leads is often a third-party lead list provider. For consistently high quality lead lists, we recommend Experian Business Services to our business partners. Experian has a reputation for providing accurate and filtered lead lists that can be used for direct mail and other marketing efforts directed toward art schools.

How to Sell to Art Schools

Once your foot is in the door, how do you close the sale?

Like many of us, art school business owners are extremely busy and have no time for long sales pitches. As a rule, be respectful of your customers' time constraints and adjust your pitches to accommodate their schedules.

In some instances, your initial contact at art schools you call on may not even be the decision maker, so you'll need to quickly identify key staff and be prepared to sell to office managers or others in the organization.

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Did you find our tips for selling and marketing to art schools helpful? Is there anything we missed? If so, we would love to hear your comments and insights about what it's like to sell to art schools in the current market.

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