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Selling to Brethren in Christ Churches

As the clouds dissipate, Brethren in Christ churches are gradually bouncing back from the Great Recession and are starting to reinvest. If your offerings appeal to this market, it's time to learn how to sell to Brethren in Christ churches in the current business climate.

Most Brethren in Christ churches rely on third-party vendors for equipment, supplies and other products. So, many B2B companies build their business plans around sales to Brethren in Christ churches.
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If selling to Brethren in Christ churches is your core business, your odds of success increase dramatically when you incorporate a few proven resources and techniques into the selling process.

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Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective sales strategies begin with marketing, and the marketing strategies for Brethren in Christ churches cover a lot of ground.

Yet in this industry, marketing effectiveness is rooted in the ability to target key decision makers. Whether it's direct mail or a technology-rich online campaign, any initiative that fails to reach decision makers is a waste of time and resources.

With so much riding on the outcome, you can't afford to rely on stale or inaccurate sales leads. Third-party lead lists may be the best resource for making sure your team is equipped with the most up-to-date information possible. If you don't currently use lead lists, you may want to consider Experian -- a third-party lead list vendor with a reputation for providing regularly updated and sorted Brethren In Christ church leads.

Developing a Marketing Plan

A robust marketing strategy is the basis of a winning sales strategy. Your team might be stocked with highly capable sales professionals, but if they aren't supported by strong messaging and effective marketing channels, your products will never see the light of day.

Keep in mind that Brethren in Christ churches are fast-paced operations with little patience for long sales cycles.

A thoroughly developed marketing plan helps to focus your selling proposition and deliver messaging in channels that are well received by your customer base. When combined with a sales plan, a marketing plan serves up an intentional selling strategy that is hard to beat.

Sales Team Considerations

Most of the businesses that sell to Brethren in Christ churches take a team sales approach.

Although your team may consist of individual sales reps, each rep has to recognize that they are part of a larger sales unit and selling strategy. There is simply no room for solo sales in this industry! Team-based training programs and other initiatives can be beneficial, but the best strategy for encouraging buy-in to a team sales model is for owners and managers to become role models for teamwork.

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