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Small Business Legal Advice is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

As a small business owner, you have plenty of reasons to worry about legal concerns. A single legal misstep can have major implications for your company. To help you stay on the straight and narrow, we've compiled a section of articles that covers the essentials of Small Business Legal Advice for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Legal Advice and Information

  • Small Business Bankruptcy - Every entrepreneur should understand how the bankruptcy process works -- just in case things don't go as planned. This article covers the basics of business bankruptcy and how to file a business bankruptcy filing for a small business.
  • Legal Tips for Entrepreneurs - As an entrepreneur, nobody expects you to fully understand everything about the law. But here are some key legal tips for entrepreneurs that every small business owner should know.
  • Finding a Good Lawyer - For entrepreneurs, choosing a good lawyer is a critical decision. Here's how to find a good lawyer for your business.
  • Legal Advice for Family Business Loans - It's not wise for small businesses to borrow money from family members without a legal contract. Here are a few tidbits of legal advice related to family business loans.
  • Being Sued - Being sued? It's often part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. Here's how to handle it.
  • Common Venture Capital Legal Terms and Conditions - Raising money from venture capitalists requires that you be fluent in venture capital terms. If you are raising investment money and don't know what a liquidation preference is or what ratchet antidilution means, you are going to lose in the VC negotiations. Educate yourself on VC term sheet terms before you start knocking on VC doors.

  • Truth in Online Advertising - Online advertising laws? The internet may be relatively new but the same laws that applied to traditional advertising still apply on the Web.
  • Small Business Legal Checklists - What legal issues are relevant to you yet you don't even know they exist? This article contains a series of checklists designed to help you determine if you've got your legal bases covered.
  • Mediation as an Alternative to Lawsuits - Mediation is a much cheaper alternative to pursuing a lawsuit. Smart business owners embrace mediation as a great way to come up with a fair solution to a conflict without making the attorneys rich.
  • How to Work With Attorneys - How's your relationship with your attorney? Although most entrepreneurs have an attorney, many feel like they don't know how to make the most of the partnership. Here are a few useful tips for getting the best out of your attorney.
  • Developing Trust In Business Relationships - Unfortunately, you can't trust everyone in business. There are times when trusting business owners get taken advantage of. Learn a lesson on the perils of trust in business from this entrepreneur's story.
  • Business Law Library - There are tons of legal issues involved with small business ownership. Staying on top of current legislation is dicey, but you can take a step in the right direction with our small business law library essentials.
  • Essential Government Forms - Small businesses face a deluge of reporting requirements including forms that are mandated by federal law. We'll tell you what the essential government forms are and how they apply to your small business.
  • Fact Sheet Social Security - The social security system may be a mess, but it's a mess your business has to deal with to stay legally compliant. Our social security fact sheet has all the information you need to stay ahead of the game.




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