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Selling a Psychological Examiners Business

Is the economy still a little shaky for a business sale? Sure it is. Yet psychological examiners businesses haven't heard the news and are reporting steady action on the business-for-sale market.

We hear it all the time: "I'm waiting until the economy recovers to list my business."
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Undaunted by economic conditions, many psychological examiners business sellers are achieving their sale goals through deliberate sale strategies.

Dealing with Your Emotions

Business sellers sometimes struggle to handle the emotions of a sale. Although you might think you're ready to exit your business, selling and separating from a psychological examiners business scan stir up a range of emotions. Instead of feeling guilty about your emotions, take the time to process them with a mentor or friend. But since it's important to remain as objective and rational as possible, we also recommend establishing a firm sale strategy and negotiation team to limit the impact of your personal feelings on the sale outcome.

Sale Costs

The calculation of your asking price should include a buffer to cover the expense of the sale process. Good brokerage takes a 10% success fee off the top of the final sale price. Attorneys, accountants and appraisers work for a flat fee that can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, your time has value, so you may need to include a personal compensation consideration in your expense estimates.

Valuation Methods

Professional appraisers can use three methods to determine the value ofa psychological examiners business: The income method, the asset method and the market method. While the income method uses anticipated revenues as a value basis, the asset method focuses on the company's capital, real estate and intellectual assets. Finally, the market method determines the worth of your psychological examiners business based on the sales of similar businesses in your geographic area. As a safeguard, consider conducting appraisals using variations of multiple appraisal methods. Sellers should take note of the fact that all three valuation methods reward businesses that takes steps to increase assets and income.

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