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Selling a Stucco Stone Business

Is the economy still a little shaky for a business sale? Sure it is. Yet stucco stone businesses haven't heard the news and are reporting steady action on the business-for-sale market.

Economic data is scary stuff for small business owners. But quarterly data dumps don't impact stucco stone business sales nearly as much as sale strategy.
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Fortunately for sellers, forward-thinking entrepreneurs continue to be attracted to stucco stone businesses that exhibit strong financials and potential for future growth.

Average Timeframes

It's rarely possible to sell a stucco stone business in a month or two. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules about the length of time your business will be on the market. Pricing plays a role in sale length, but there are no guarantees that a fairly priced business will sell quickly. Before you can list your stucco stone business, you'll need to invest as much as a year in preparing it for prospective buyers. Even though it's conceivable that an attractive opportunity could sell in weeks, an immediate flood of offers could indicate that the business is underpriced.

Post-Sale Details

The way you exit your stucco stone business is just as important as the way you sell it. Handing over the keys and saying goodbye to your employees is easier said than done, and requires thoughtful consideration prior to closing. If there are pending details that still need to ironed out, address them ASAP to ensure a smooth closing and transition.

Preparing Your Employees

Business sellers face a dilemma when it comes to their employees. You're concerned about confidentiality, and rightfully so. However, the longer the selling process drags on, the more likely it is that rumors will begin to circulate throughout your workforce. When that happens, it's best to have a frank conversation with your team rather than allowing rumors to circulate through the organization. Maintain a positive tone in your conversations and answer your employees questions as completely as you can without jeopardizing the sale.

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