October 25, 2014  
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HP Laptops are Lemons


HP Sucks...But We Can Learn From Them

HP has poor customer service. HP laptops stink. I will never buy from HP again. But enough about me. What can we entrepreneurs learn from HP's mistakes about the importance of not having terrible customer service? Plenty.

HP sucks. They really don't get it, and, as entrepreneurs, all we can do is learn from their mistakes.
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If you are doing business these days, you have to recognize that the world has changed. As consumers, we expect good customer service. If we don't get it, we don't just forgive and forget. We never buy from you again. We tell our friends not to buy from you. We tell the world not to buy from you.

That's right. In the days of blogs and search engines, customers have the final word. That's why you need to bend over backward to keep them happy. Because the happy customers stay quiet. It's the angry customers who speak up, and deter others from doing business with you.

Take me for example. I just posted this message at a website:

HP is the worst. Only an idiot would buy from them.

They just burned me badly. It's too long of a story to tell but I will never buy from them again.

If you buy an HP Compaq Presario 2100, you are buying a complete lemon. If there were computer lemon laws, HP would be in big trouble.

If you are looking for reviews on HP laptops or, specifically, an HP Compaq Presario 2100 laptop notebook review, here it is. They suck. They break. Their service is terrible. They rip you off and don't apologize. They break all their promises.

Want to buy the best laptop? DO NOT BUY FROM HP.

You can find my post here: one of my HP sucks posts. In the months to come, I intend to post it everywhere, again and again and again. Call it a new hobby. (Feel free to post it yourself if you like, and link to this page using the instructions at the bottom of this page. The people united will never be defeated!)

As you can tell, I'm angry. I'm not irrationally angry. Anybody who hears my story agrees that HP mistreated me and that mine was a case study in poor customer service. The reality is that my HP laptop was a lemon and I not only had to pay for a lemon, I paid a lot of extra fees to fix the lemon, and what I got back from HP was, you guessed it, still a lemon. At a certain point, you just give up and say "I will never do business with HP again" and you move on to Dell and others that are better. I've only done that once before – with Citibank. I was screwed by Citibank, swore I'd never do business with them, and I never have. It's been twenty years now.

Small businesses can learn from my having been screwed by Hewlett Packard. Treat your customers right. Don't abuse them. Don't break your promises. Recognize that a single dissatisfied customer might equate to tons of lost future business. By my calculations, I can shift over $500,000 in sales away from HP simply by not buying their computers myself for my organizations and by deterring others from buying.

Someday, maybe in March 2007, some idiot at HP corporate will be wondering why they aren't hitting their numbers. Well, it's because they screwed me back in August 2005. Me and probably hundreds (maybe thousands) of other dissatisfied HP customers. Cause and effect. It's that simple.

So don't make the HP mistakes. Do whatever it takes, within reason, to keep your customers happy. If you do, you'll be hitting your numbers in March 2007 and for years to come.

p.s. you can link to this article from your website and support this cause by copying the following code and adding it to a page on your website:

p.s.s. I didn't start this. HP started this.


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We've moved all the comments here: HP Sucks comments. Feel free to add new comments here.

John 11/8/2009

My experiance with HP/Compaq Laptops was similar to yours. I have had many Dell machines and they have all been very maintainable. Even to the point where I have changed keyboards, screens or chassis on the units; the repairs have been easy and the machines have gone on for years of service. Not so with the HP machines. So few survive that spare parts are not available and the spares have the same faults as the one needing repair. I cut my losses and tossed the machine after 3 years. My six year old dell still runs strong. JDD

ska 1/12/2010

I had the same issue, my Dv4t laptop lcd screen got a thin line at the bottom always blinking and HP is rejected to repair it under warranty. I am planning to sue them under California lemon Law. If anyone knows abt it please help me. Nerver buy HP products and never ever call HP India support.

DGaines 3/2/2010

Sad to say, I have to agree on the HP Sucks rating. I had a Dv9700 built to my specs straight from HP themselves which cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800 and I wish I had gotten a $600 Dell instead! I had my laptop less than a week and the video driver stopped working...they blamed in on the power cord. They replaced the computer and sent me another one...with the same problem. All the while my "purchase date" is getting buried in red tape effecting my warranty timeline. Now, after 2 years of constantly having to manually maintain this dysfunctional piece of electronic nightmare, my drivers continually stop working, my software for preinstalled programs have to be reinstalled after an update, several application are dead beyond revival (such as the fingerprint reader an my all-in-one printer). It is impossible to restore from the back-up module without reverting to factory settings. The darn thing wont even let me do the updates! I will Never buy a HP again, nor will I ever recommend one to anyone. There should be laws protecting us from such shoddy craftmanship.

KenA 4/7/2010

I agree. I purchased an HP system and was promised an operating system which they never delivered. Then had problems with virtually every component of the system. They refused to acknowledge or take action. I even contacted the chairman's office and was appeased with some free ink. Then the printer broke and had to be replaced. I still have the ink if anyone is stuck with a HP printer they can contact me for the free ink cartridges. Cost to deliver only.

AliB 4/20/2010

I agree totally that HP sucks!!! Just bought a printer a week ago and after an hour and a half on the phone with them they were going to send me a refurbished printer, which would arrive in 7 business days. I told them that was unacceptable. I wanted a new machine in one day. They said they couldn't send a new machine and that I would have to pay for shipping! They then told me to return it to the store where I purchased it. I will NEVER buy an HP product again. Their customer service is horrible and their product is crap.

VALvarez 6/10/2010

my daughter and both have hp laptops. my warrenty went out in feb and so did hers. I could only afford to cover one so I did hers. No mine wont turn on it has a cracked screen that just appeared and they will not fix and last night my daughters computer starting smoking really bad and will not turn on. HP asked me why I had the laptop by water. WTH Water are you serious?!!! It was on the computer desk. I am so upset. Thank goodness we have a desk top.

mr and mrs 7/7/2010

I really dislike HP. Me and my Fiance both bought HP laptops and they both magically got cracks somewhere in the screen...a really small crack that no one but HP can see and the screen strated to mirror itself. we had our computers for less then 6 months and they both did this both of them also where one laptop desks and we never opened or closed them ..so how did the screen crack...all they could tell me was that i should have gotten the other warrenty that cost 98 dollars...like i new my hp laptop was going to do this...oh and none of my other laptops do this...when they break...its form somthing that makes since...like a virus thats not my fualt or water..that is my fault..not this stuff

Riverweasel 8/14/2010

No joke. I`ve had this HP for about 11 months now, and out of the blue, in one night, the thing literally crashes. I had to spend 30 minutes getting it miraculously work, but then it crashed again 4 days later. It`s a complete piece of crap. I don`t have the cash right now to go run out and buy another one, but I need one to function normally. Do not, I repeat do not ever buy from HP for anything. Heck, I can`t even get this thing to restore to factory condition. I hope the CEO goes broke, bankrupt and is then known forever as someone who loved screwing over his customers.

Raymond 9/4/2010

Wow! HP just did me a huge favor. I tried to give them $2,100 and they stopped me in time. Fedex left a taped together box (possibly) containing a 25" HD monitor. I have spent the evening trying to reach someone at HP because Fedex insists that I must spend my entire day Wednesday waiting for them to saunter by and maybe pick up the box for return. I have been on the phone with HP for 4 1/2 hours so far and HP can't figure it out. My credit card company will deny the payment and Fedex and HP can get together and have a fun time deciding what the heck they would like to do to, for, with or because of each other. I will not give them any more of my time for free. I am so grateful that they created this giant cluster$#@& before I had the computer. If this is how hard I have to work to give them $2,100, imagine how they would treat me once they had all my cash! I guess HP is to the answer to the great question" "How the hell does Dell stay in business?" They seem to be in a death match race to bankruptcy hell. I don't know which one of these ill-managed giants will die first but they can race to failure without any more of my cash. :et them sell their computers to their employees in the Philippines and Bangladesh. %$&@ this noise! I'm outa here!

Chris 12/11/2010

you people obviously have no idea what you're talking about ... if you don't like HP, why did you waste your money buying an HP laptop ??? ... I have an HP Pavilion laptop ... but do you hear me complaining about it ??? NO ... if you don't like HP or their laptops, don't buy one.

Nancy 12/14/2010

I also will not buy another HP,this is 2nd one,first went before 2 year's,this one purchase 7/10,has had mother board replaced,CPU fan went out,HP,replaced,got it back 5 day's ago.CPU,gone again,won't give me a new one,have to send it back for repair,was told they checked it all out,they must have been blind,so now using a computer I borrowed from a friend,HP could care less,and I am still paying for this junk,to anyone out there DO NOT buy any HP,Compaq product's they are junk!!!!!!!

refused to buy HP 12/20/2010

i just bought this hp laptop online,before even i go to pick it up and my item is ready i had to do some research concerning if it's a good laptop or not,otherwise i don't want to have a huge headache later on so i came to this website where there're so many people who complained about HP. I READ ALL THE BAD REVIEWS!!!!!!! i had to call the place and cancel the order immeadiatelyi don't want to wast my money or my time.it's a piece of junk,i rather buy apple and wait until i get more money next month then buy a better laptop.thanks to you guys you safe my money and my time.i will do the same thing for other also.

Grace 1/6/2011

I wish I had seen this site before I purchased my HP. It was a christmas present for my 13 year old daughter, her first laptop. Well, she used it once, yes ONCE, on christmas day. the next day she turned it on to find a split screen. I just got off the phone with a useless customer service rep in India to no avail, he told me what I described would not be covered under warranty!! We have had this laptop two weeks...are u kidding me!! I am thoroughly frustrated and disgusted with HP. This was the first and last HP purchase I will ever make. But I will not let this go. I will climb the chain to the CEO if necessary. If I do not get a new or completely repaired laptop I will sue in small claims court. I will update this site with my progress.

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