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HP Sucks: Comments from Disgruntled HP Customers

I've made my peace with HP, but many of you still are annoyed with HP's products and customer service. You can use this page to let the world know what you've been through. [Update on 1/4/2010: HP has screwed me once again. They just don't get it. HP sucks...still.]

I had a bad HP experience long ago.

When I posted my HP Sucks page ages ago, I had no idea how much traffic it would get from disgruntled HP customers.

For me, time has healed all wounds with HP and I'm willing to forgive and forget. But others (including you perhaps?) are still very angry with HP.

Here, in their unedited form, are the many HP complaints that you've shared with us. If you've got something to add, feel free.

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Here they are. All the HP Sucks comments that were fit to print. You can add your own HP feedback if you like.

  • TM Scopel posted on 5/7/2009
    TM Scopel
    Wasn't sure if you had this link or not. It is for the current hp class action on the ZD800 models. I had a ZD7000 with the graphic lines problem. 1st lawsuit fixed it for a month. Then it happened again and when I called HP I was hung up on. Needless to say that I won't even buy hp paper now, let alone anything else. Unfortunately, my model is not included and was considered settled at the 1st lawsuit. What a joke that was. However, I feel for everyone else and am posting this link everywhere. Call it a vendetta but, I'm getting my 2 grand back from them one way or another. Please help me get the word out. Thanks, TM Scopel
  • Lewis posted on 6/7/2009
    bs'd I dont get it, this computer is hp pavilion its got a quad core 1.6 processor 4 gigs of memory and it takes forever for internet explorer to open and connect to google?? Some things happens very well and the box seems fairly responsive then a minute later it runs slower than my old 586 with 384 megs of memory and a 32 meg video card?? is it vista thats bogging it down or does this computer suck?
  • Jason posted on 6/16/2009
    Alright, I have read NUMEROUS complaints about HP and their lack of just plain caring. Lets get together and voice our opinions. Please send an email to me @ [email protected], and I will provide you with contact numbers and names of who we can contact. If they won't listen to us, let's just keep calling until they do!! We deserve to be heard, lets get together and MAKE ourselves heard!! Edit/Delete Message
  • Ammageddon posted on 6/23/2009
    I have a Compaq Presario 2100 and im very satisfied ^^ its working fine, and i have no problems with it. The battery is holding 2 hours when watching movies, and thats good for a battery produced in 2004 ^^ So, even though the support may be bad, but not all at their laptops.
  • JAZ posted on 7/2/2009
    I agree completely. There are few companies on this planet that suck worse than HP. We will never, ever, ever buy an HP product again. We bought a Pavilion 9000 laptop and printer 2 years ago. The printer never worked properly from day 1 and we sent it away to be repaired. When we got it back (weeks later), it still didn't work. The laptop started acting up in the warranty period... couldn't get power. And my toddler got a hold of it and ripped a couple of keys off. Contacted HP and they said the whole keyboard had to be replaced, not just the keys and that the machine had to be sent in for testing... re: the power problem and we could expect to be without the machine for 6 weeks (my comment: !@#$#@$#). Rather than doing this, we decided to buy another power cord and try it and surprise - the computer worked again, sans the keys. Not wanting to be without it for 6 weeks, we kept using it sans the two keys. However, a very minor spill fried the motherboard and when we contacted HP to get a replacement were told they did not have the part in stock, and that they would send us an email providing info on where we might obtain one. When the email never arrived, we contacted them again, giving additional email addresses they could sent the info to. Again, nothing. HP products suck and their customer service is deplorable.
  • Blane Land posted on 7/4/2009
    Blane Land
    NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP !!! They used to be a company with integrity and are rip off corporate greed sellouts today. Myself and 15 other people that I am conversing with bought HP plasma TV's about 2 years ago. EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS FAILED THE SAME WAY with a loud POP and no picture. JOIN THE CLASS ACTION SUIT IF YOU BOUGHT A HP plasma ! HP service said $660 and no guarantee that the new part will fix it. I paid over $2000 and now I have a boat anchor. My father called this morning, his tv went out, BUT IT WAS 35 years old !!!! I told him to STAY AWAY from HP and not to expect the next one to last as long.
  • michael posted on 7/21/2009
    Call the Federal Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357. The gave me a case number this morning on my complaint about HP.
  • Michael posted on 7/26/2009
    Their battery calibration tool has now ruined two working batteries (not the best but at least they did something before running this software). Calling them yields nothing.
  • Toni posted on 8/15/2009
    I can tell you that I agree with you 100%. I have a HP notebook bought it from Best Buy which also sucks but I have had my PC for 6 months and its been back and forth in service for the same problems. Back and forth, hard drive, bios and the Mboard. They suck @ customer relationship. They have a computer lemon law -- same problem 3 times they replace the pc but they word it different each time so you still end up with nothing. They are scamming people and they promise you nothing. Like I told the tech guy, stop reading what you're trained to say all the time and just fix my problem. Told him I will never ever buy a piece of junk HP PC and told him I'm spreading the word telling people. Never buy HP. I told him once I get $ to buy another PC I will take my HP and throw it under some bus. Spread the word. If anyone still wants a HP, then you're messed up!
  • I'm pissed too posted on 8/23/2009
    I'm pissed too
    Okay I am pissed and happy at the same time. Thank you all for the comments on your exp with hp laptops. Almost bought one today and I don't know why. I have an all in one printer and have installed and uninstalled it about 5 times now. Everytime I use it I never know if it will work or not and now I cannot get it to work wireless. Today I am in an office with a similar all in one and have to print multiple docs while I have nothing else to do and I installed another hp. First it worked then it would not print 2 sided then it did not work at all after 3 or 4 installs I gave up. The sad part is I will have to go home and screw around with my home hp printer and hope that I can print everything I need for a 9 am meeting. I hate hp and cannot believe I was considering buying a hp laptop. Thank you so much for all the posts on here. HP what a joke.
  • Jennifer posted on 8/30/2009
    I've had my HP laptop for about 2 weeks, and already the dvd/cd drive does not work. awesome, thanks HP!
  • Gary posted on 9/29/2009
    My HP desktop cannot read CD's. HP Total Care said it was a software problem. The problem persisted until my warrenty expired. This is when HP advised me that the CD-DVD player was defective but because the warrenty elasped I told me I was screwed.
  • Jim posted on 9/30/2009
    They have had my computer in their shop for over 2 months and they still can't fix it. They say they do not have the parts. The computer is only 8 months old. I AM SCREWED!!! LEARN FROM ME, DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!! They will say sorry until your ears fall off, but they will not fix the problem. Buy anything but H.P. and you will be ahead.
  • EDSer posted on 10/4/2009
    I loath this company. And I don't even own any HP products! So why do I loath it? Because I now work for HP! I was an EDSer but they bought us and it's unbelievable how things have changed over the past year. This company treats its employees like sh*t. I'm a software developer with 10 years experience and I've never worked for a company who cares only about money to this degree. Vast numbers of employees are p*ssed off and/or leaving. This does not make for good products and services!
  • Lady M posted on 10/22/2009
    Lady M
    I wish I had come to this site before purchasing an HP instead I listened to a coworker purchased an HP in February 2008 by August 2008 the hard drive failed, I would then have to replace it with 3 additional hard drives provided to me by HP. As a paniced student I purchased a Dell which has never had a problem save for me cracking the laptop screen for which Dell sent out a tech to fix in my home, it was great. HP doesn't just suck, HP practices are reprehensible, their technicians are incompetent and rude. Did I mention I am currently in possession of a voicemail left to me an HP representative that after forwarding the laptop to them for repair (they kept it for a month) the laptop would be returned broken despite the fact that as the hard drive was in the process of failing it began prompting for a power-on password and I had never set one.
  • I friend posted on 11/2/2009
    I friend
    Once i was done with my HP computer (everything was outdated and unupgradable) i thought i'd use the pre installed operating system (Windows Vista) on another computer and they tell me it dies with the old computed and i'd have to buy windows vista separately....WTF ? What a rip....Last time i ever buy anything HP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • John posted on 11/8/2009
    My experiance with HP/Compaq Laptops was similar to yours. I have had many Dell machines and they have all been very maintainable. Even to the point where I have changed keyboards, screens or chassis on the units; the repairs have been easy and the machines have gone on for years of service. Not so with the HP machines. So few survive that spare parts are not available and the spares have the same faults as the one needing repair. I cut my losses and tossed the machine after 3 years. My six year old dell still runs strong. JDD
  • samato posted on 12/24/2009
    Ya. I agree. After receiving the laptop, I started it up immediately. However, I got an error code with blue screen. So, I tried to format it. However, another error message appeared and I couldn't proceed. So, I tried to send emails and contact them through phone calls immediately. Eventually, I got the following results: Email: 1) Sending about 20 emails to them. My email was first replied after more than 10 business days and after sending more than 10 emails to them. 2) They only replied about 5 of my emails. All emails were saying the same thing, "there is nothing we can do and you have to contact this or that number....." 3) One of them gave his fake email address to me over the phone, so that I no longer could contact him back. Phone calls: 1) I received support from the ENTIRE company because my calls were being transferred to all different departments endlessly. Everyone said that was not their jobs. 2) One of them gave me fake extension number in preventing me to get back to her. 3) Even I have left my voice message to them, they just didn't seem to care to return your calls. 4) They promise to call you back, but they won't call. After dragging me over 8 weeks, the technical support team said that there was nothing they could do to solve my problem. They didn't want to provide refund, repair or exchange the defective unit for you. They just won't respond to you at all. I have to say that they have the best combination between product and service on earth: The worst product + the lousiest support They are already the "BEST", what else you could ask for more?
  • Zemper posted on 12/30/2009
    HP is the very worst company ever. They used to be GREAT - now they SUCK. 5 trips to the "talk to the executives" and no relief for the horrible product they denied service for..... AT LEAST TILL THE CLASS ACTION SUIT CAME IN and offered my 650 fot the repairs on my z5000. NEVER AGAIN - THEY TOTALLY SUCK
  • Ken Gaebler posted on 1/4/2010
    Ken Gaebler
    Well, it's Jan 4, 2010, and I've renewed my hate for HP. After trying to forgive and forget, I decided to buy an HP laptop. I live in Chicago but needed it shipped to New York. Bought the HP laptop on the phone on 12/31, buying it on that date specifically to make sure that I got the business deduction for 2009. At 10AM, I completed the transaction online and they confirmed that the HP laptop order was successful. I thought, hmmm, maybe these guys have turned their crap customer service around. Big NO on that one. Mid-afternoon, I see an email saying order was declined. Crap, I think, credit card must have declined the transaction for no good reason. HP email says that's the likely reason. Call credit card company and they say No, we approved it. So then I call HP. 40 minutes on hold. Doesn't HP know that lots of business owners buy stuff on 12/31 for deduction purposes? This is not a day to have crappy service. Anyway, HP customer service rep is no help, tells me that I need to talk to Sales Support but Sales Support is closed. It's pretty early to be closed -- it's 3PM Eastern right now. CSR says you have to call back Monday and we are sorry about your not being able to get the 2009 tax deduction. Having had my New Year's Eve day ruined, I resolve to just power through and get this off my to-do list. So, I will call Monday morning, resolve the issue on the credit card (they don't like that billing address and shipping address are different.). Monday morning comes along and they again make me wait 15 minutes on hold to get through to a CSR. I ask to be transferred to Sales Support but he says he can't do that right away. After ten more minutes, he finally says that Sales Support is not open. The email had said "Please contact us at 1-888-222-0029 between 7:00 AM - 2:00 AM EST, Monday - Friday" so I thought I'd be safe calling at 9:45 AM Eastern. But apparently this @##$! HP Sales Support group is working bankers hours. The CSR says that to be safe I should try calling Sales Support after noon. I really want to punt on this HP purchase at this point, but I am going to just power through it, get this done and NEVER EVER do business with HP again. Good god. Absolutely pathetic service. You try to give this company money and they treat you like dog crap.
  • Christina posted on 1/7/2010
    Ok. First I would like to say that I worked as an HP Tech Support agent for about 9months. I didn't WANT to work in a call center with almost 12 years of IT experience behind me, but it was the highest paying tech job in my area. As an agent, I did whatever I had to, to make people satisfied. I have heard every problem, every story, every excuse. The thing about HP is, well they have a very bad habit of buying crappy hardware from random small countries, and then playing the "well its not our fault, its just bad hardware." NOT a good way to do business. However, PLEASE remember!!!!! The agent that you are speaking with is not the person who built your system, they did not ship your system, they did not actually do any repairs or service on your system. They have a very badly written database of information in which to help you with. PLUS! They are a person just like you who expects things to be up to snuff, just like you. Agents are very limited in what they can do and even the sneaky ones who have learned to get around the system to get people things for free, eventually are caught by monitoring software and are let go. My point is this. The person you want to yell at because your notebook is still in repair after 3 months is not the sweet little voice you hear answer your call. Yes, there are BAD agents who don't care and who will even go so far as to make the situation worse just for fun. Those agents are about 1 in every 500. My longest call working for hp was 6hrs, 21min. I helped a gentlemen hook up his printer wireless. Technically, I should have shipped him to Printers. Instead, we had a great time laughing and joking and sharing stories about how we hated stupid technology! In conclusion, hate HP with all the fire you want. Just give your agent a chance to try and help before you start blaming him as if he were the owner of the company. If the agent is a jerk, wail on him! But GIVE HIM A CHANCE! Even the angriest of customers can be helped and end up satisfied if you have the right agent who knows what they are doing. And just for the record: BUY A SONY! LOL!!!
  • ska posted on 1/12/2010
    I had the same issue, my Dv4t laptop lcd screen got a thin line at the bottom always blinking and HP is rejected to repair it under warranty. I am planning to sue them under California lemon Law. If anyone knows abt it please help me. Nerver buy HP products and never ever call HP India support.
  • DGaines posted on 3/2/2010
    Sad to say, I have to agree on the HP Sucks rating. I had a Dv9700 built to my specs straight from HP themselves which cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800 and I wish I had gotten a $600 Dell instead! I had my laptop less than a week and the video driver stopped working...they blamed in on the power cord. They replaced the computer and sent me another one...with the same problem. All the while my "purchase date" is getting buried in red tape effecting my warranty timeline. Now, after 2 years of constantly having to manually maintain this dysfunctional piece of electronic nightmare, my drivers continually stop working, my software for preinstalled programs have to be reinstalled after an update, several application are dead beyond revival (such as the fingerprint reader an my all-in-one printer). It is impossible to restore from the back-up module without reverting to factory settings. The darn thing wont even let me do the updates! I will Never buy a HP again, nor will I ever recommend one to anyone. There should be laws protecting us from such shoddy craftmanship.
  • fanman72 posted on 3/2/2010
    HP sucks. I purchased a higher end computer back in spring of 2009. Within days I freeze ups, crashes, and blue screens would be constant. I figured this would be a vista or driver issue however after spending hours trying to isolate the problem found it was a shoddy power supply, low quality motherboard, and shoddy RAM.
  • John B. posted on 3/4/2010
    John B.
    HP products used to be of very high quality and were very reliable. But, in recent years this has certainly changed. Industry reports routinely put HP at or near the bottom in product quality/reliability and product support. This is most disconcerting as I am an HP-retiree who spent many years designing and marketing computer products. But, HP is now, in my opinion, too focused on lowering costs and increasing profits. My most recent HP product problem is with a Photosmart R818 digital camera that has had very light use, but still failed. The screen goes blank (white) on power-up. HP Support has been no help, and says my only alternative is to buy another camera. It certainly will not be an HP. Shortly before that, the scanning section of my HP d135xi All-In-One OfficeJet failed. This was actually a (refurbished) replacement printer because the original printer failed after only a few months use, but was still under warranty. My HP Compaq nc6400 laptop has failed twice just after going out of warranty. HP support was again of no assistance. They pointed me to support organizations that I had already found were no longer willing to work on HP computers. Fortunately, I did find information on the internet to get a replacement part for the first failure and a great recommendation for a service company that was able to repair the motherboard in the second failure. HP's only solution for the latter problem was to sell me a new motherboard - at a price that was close to what I paid for the computer originally. Think very carefully before purchasing any HP consumer product!
  • Bob posted on 3/15/2010
    Bought an OfficeJet Pro 8000 about a year ago, from day one it would not always pick up paper. Tried and tried to get a notice through the website, it would "accept" it and than give me an error message to contact support. Tried and tried to get on line as well without luck. Finally got hold of them after waiting for a long time for on line chat and was told that since it was out of warranty, and since I did not spend a lot of my time sitting and waiting on them, I am not covered
  • KenA posted on 4/7/2010
    I agree. I purchased an HP system and was promised an operating system which they never delivered. Then had problems with virtually every component of the system. They refused to acknowledge or take action. I even contacted the chairman's office and was appeased with some free ink. Then the printer broke and had to be replaced. I still have the ink if anyone is stuck with a HP printer they can contact me for the free ink cartridges. Cost to deliver only.
  • Kay posted on 4/15/2010
    Have had two HP Pavilion notebook computers and both rapidly developed major problems. After about 9 months, the keyboard of the first HP notebook started typing random letters and then the screen started to show lines; after multiple returns, HP replaced the notebook with another which has an overheating problem (resulting in a hinge melting etc.). What amazes me is that their sales still seem pretty good. People keep buying even though there are so many complaints. I don't get it.
  • Isha posted on 4/16/2010
    My Compaq's warranty period is still valid for a few days, and when I went to HP service centre for replacing the battery that was giving a backup of only 20 minutes, I was told that the warranty for the laptop battery covers only 11 months, according to HP policy. The person attending to my issue told that he was also unaware of this glitch until that moment. How ridiculous!!! It is their job to know such things and let the customers know either at the time of purchase, or at the time of their first visit itself. But I was told at the time of my second visit. The first visit went in vain for completing some other formalities. Such a waste of time and effort, when one specially steals the time out from their office hours.
  • AliB posted on 4/20/2010
    I agree totally that HP sucks!!! Just bought a printer a week ago and after an hour and a half on the phone with them they were going to send me a refurbished printer, which would arrive in 7 business days. I told them that was unacceptable. I wanted a new machine in one day. They said they couldn't send a new machine and that I would have to pay for shipping! They then told me to return it to the store where I purchased it. I will NEVER buy an HP product again. Their customer service is horrible and their product is crap.
  • Very dissatisfied hp cust posted on 6/6/2010
    Very dissatisfied hp cust
    HP fall short of its commitment to fullfill its obligation. I purchased an HP laptop. I didn't get the windows 7 upgrade in the time frame that it was available. But what was that time frame? I didn't know because I was never told. Now it's too late and HP Best Buy and Microsoft just keeps passing the buck. Since it an HP product, HP should support and honor the promotion, and where is the customer service? As far as I'm concerned HP, Best Buy and Microsoft all are imbecellic when it comes to resolving this issue and many more I'm sure. My next purchase will be from Apple.
  • VALvarez posted on 6/10/2010
    my daughter and both have hp laptops. my warrenty went out in feb and so did hers. I could only afford to cover one so I did hers. No mine wont turn on it has a cracked screen that just appeared and they will not fix and last night my daughters computer starting smoking really bad and will not turn on. HP asked me why I had the laptop by water. WTH Water are you serious?!!! It was on the computer desk. I am so upset. Thank goodness we have a desk top.
  • mmathes posted on 7/7/2010
    lil hp unit seemed nice lasted ayear then warenty ran then it ran out ? was i ever supprised -theu suck man-now i had to buy a dell to replace that thing-when it did run it was ok but it sucked-dont but this chea tiwane shit hp suckes
  • mr and mrs posted on 7/7/2010
    mr and mrs
    I really dislike HP. Me and my Fiance both bought HP laptops and they both magically got cracks somewhere in the screen...a really small crack that no one but HP can see and the screen strated to mirror itself. we had our computers for less then 6 months and they both did this both of them also where one laptop desks and we never opened or closed them how did the screen crack...all they could tell me was that i should have gotten the other warrenty that cost 98 i new my hp laptop was going to do this...oh and none of my other laptops do this...when they break...its form somthing that makes a virus thats not my fualt or water..that is my fault..not this stuff
  • Chris posted on 7/19/2010
    I recently brought a hp computer from best buy paying around $1200 with with insurance 1st of all I had to return it because it was broken then when I tried to set up the printer it was broken also I called cust service and was told by them that another printer would be sent to me I told them that I was only home on Mon and Tues of course it was sent out on Wed Thur and Fri the Fed Ex ground store that had it was way out in the boone docks and was unable to find it I tried calling to see it they could resend it and got the run around with three different sales associates until this date I have not heard from anyone never got the chance to use the printer cust service sucks and I will be writing the to hp today computer purchase on 6/7/10
  • Francis posted on 7/26/2010
    I am a college student here in the Philippines. We bought an HP 6530s last June 18 2009. It significantly improved my performance in school. Anyway, 2 months after we bought it a green and red horizontal line started appearing near the task bar. it started with one line , then 2 weeks later it was almost as thick as the task bar. so we consulted with a technician, and he said that the LCD was defective. He said it was a defect with the bulb. Since it was still under warranty, we took it to be replaced. they replaced it and after a while the line started appearing again........ We then called the place where we got it and they said that we could no longer get the unit replaced but since it was still under warranty we can get it's LCD Replaced. we then had to wait about a month for the LCD ordered from China before we had it replaced. When they replaced the LCD on the 6530s, the line no longer appeared. Everything went smoothly for 7 months but, Just this June 2010 the screen started to flicker with a green line flickering bellow the task bar. It's really irritating because the constant flickering strains my eyes. It goes away after a while but evry time I switch on the laptop The flickering persists. We could no longer have it fixed because its passed its warranty. we could not affor to replace the LCD again because it costs about P10,000. We could not also afford to buy another Laptop. This laptop is the only means I have to doing my school work. Right now I'm making the most out of it. and using it despite the constant Flickering. Now a 5mm thick Bundle of horizontal lines are flooding the bottom of my laptop. ITS RELAY ANNOYING. Since we could not afford anything to do with my laptop right now, my dad says that to make the most of it. Its hard to do that considering that this is our only "functional computer" and Its may only means to my school work. Using this laptop in this state is like torturing your self.......... HP REALLY SUCKS. IF EVER I BUY A NEW LAPTOP, HP WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. I think I speak fro everyone when I say: BURN IN HELL HP!!!!
  • Riverweasel posted on 8/14/2010
    No joke. I`ve had this HP for about 11 months now, and out of the blue, in one night, the thing literally crashes. I had to spend 30 minutes getting it miraculously work, but then it crashed again 4 days later. It`s a complete piece of crap. I don`t have the cash right now to go run out and buy another one, but I need one to function normally. Do not, I repeat do not ever buy from HP for anything. Heck, I can`t even get this thing to restore to factory condition. I hope the CEO goes broke, bankrupt and is then known forever as someone who loved screwing over his customers.
  • Cheap Computers posted on 8/31/2010
    Cheap Computers
    I would like to say that if you are not happy with your current provider, then you to try another one...
  • Raymond posted on 9/4/2010
    Wow! HP just did me a huge favor. I tried to give them $2,100 and they stopped me in time. Fedex left a taped together box (possibly) containing a 25" HD monitor. I have spent the evening trying to reach someone at HP because Fedex insists that I must spend my entire day Wednesday waiting for them to saunter by and maybe pick up the box for return. I have been on the phone with HP for 4 1/2 hours so far and HP can't figure it out. My credit card company will deny the payment and Fedex and HP can get together and have a fun time deciding what the heck they would like to do to, for, with or because of each other. I will not give them any more of my time for free. I am so grateful that they created this giant cluster$#@& before I had the computer. If this is how hard I have to work to give them $2,100, imagine how they would treat me once they had all my cash! I guess HP is to the answer to the great question" "How the hell does Dell stay in business?" They seem to be in a death match race to bankruptcy hell. I don't know which one of these ill-managed giants will die first but they can race to failure without any more of my cash. :et them sell their computers to their employees in the Philippines and Bangladesh. %$&@ this noise! I'm outa here!
  • kason posted on 10/3/2010
    HP sucks big time. Bought 3 HP desktops for 3 of my stores. They all had the same issues. Monitors went bad in about a year. We also had difficulties working with LAN and remote terminal.
  • Maurice posted on 10/18/2010
    HP SUCKS! I bought a Pavilion d v 5 on 8/8/10. The screen cracked on 10/12/10. They want $414.00 to repair their faulty product, without shipping costs. I buy a new computer yearly for myself, kids, spouse and you can be sure I will never by a HP. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with India, and they could or would not give me an email address for customer relations, only a phone number so I can waste more of my time talking to India.
  • Joe posted on 10/29/2010
    The HP Pavilion tx1000 tablet PC is the absolute worst product I've ever purchased. I've owned it for 3 years and it's spent more time in the shop than on my desk. The hard drive has been replaced 4 times, the motherboard once, and now it has died completely - will not even boot. That's not even mentioning all the problems caused by Windows Vista! Of course, all the problems started right after the warranty expired. HP is no help whatsoever and was actually rude on the phone. Maybe I'm "old school", but I feel that companies should stand behind their products rather than tell you that it's "not their problem since the warranty expired". I think that those people saying that HP should "burn in Hell" are going a little too far (even though I usually feel the same way), but I definitely would LOVE to see them go out of business, get their pants sued off, and be forgotten like the old 8-tracks. It's time for these corporations to pay for their mistakes - or at least own up to them. They apparently don't care or else they would be responding to the MANY forums and sites that are bashing them. HP really stands for Heavy Paperweight!
  • Jerry Nelson posted on 11/1/2010
    Jerry Nelson
    Own an HP Pavilion. At 10 mo. the hard drive failed. Oops, it has been 10 months again. The hard drive failed again, so has warranty. Got notice on 10/25/10 that warranty was getting ready to expire in less than 30 days on 1/2/10. Duh wasn't that 10 mo. ago? Anybody want a $400.00 boat anchor??
  • Ricko posted on 11/2/2010
    I just want to know where to plug my stupid printer in. On the back of the computer, there is no place to plug it in. All my other computers have a jack to plug it into. WTF ....Since my other computer is on the blink this week, I need to hook up my printer to this Hp Pavilion a1483w. But you can't! It doesn't have a connection place! As I said b4, WTF!
  • Jeffrey G posted on 11/6/2010
    Jeffrey G
    My HP HDX 16 developed the common "black screen" problem. I thought I was OK since I had a two year extended warranty. As it turned out, they had never "attached" the warranty I bought to the machine I had. The first customer service person I spoke with "helpfully" voided my warrenty altogether and gave that warrenty number to another customer. Multiple calls resolved the warrenty problem and they generated a work order and sent me a box. The computer was returned a few days later, with (if the sheet which is included with it is correct) a new hard drive and bios update. The screen is STILL black. HOW did they fail to notice a TOTALLY BLACK screen when "repairing" my computer???? I have been on hold with customer service for an hour. Any bets on if they can accomplish an actual repair before the warranty runs out or will we simply continue to mail the broken machine back and forth until it's out of warranty?
  • David G posted on 11/9/2010
    David G
    Well, in February 2010, I was tired of dealing with HP support with what I thought was a bad PC, and was talked into buying a new one by HP Support. After going 1st class on a new machine, I thought all would be well. HAH! While using the 7 month old desktop computer two weeks ago, the screen went black, then blue and it did a memory dump. Four hours of phone support with someone from India was of no help, and the diagnosis was bad memory BIOME-1. They sent out one new 2gig chip (8gig in machine) and scheduled an onsite tech. (I paid for the extra "service.") He called me two days before the scheduled appt to confirm the time, then decided to walk me through the same things the HP tech did on the phone days earlier. He decided over the phone that it wasn't a memory problem, but a motherboard problem. Called HP and 1 hour later, they agreed to send a new motherboard and schedule an in-home tech to come and replace it in the machine. He came out yesterday and two hours later replaced the motherboard. You guessed it, still getting the original error. He calls HP support and after being on phone for 1 hour, tech decides the latest cause is the graphics card, and agrees to ship a new one overnight fedex. It comes in, I call the tech, and he says he has to get authorization to return to put it in, and he'd call me back. Still waiting for that call! I call HP back and ask them to expedite the authorization for the tech to return and install new graphics card. Well, this was by far the worst phone rep I have ever dealt with. I had to re-explain the entire history of the problem to him, even after I told him to just read the notes. He couldn't understand that I just needed an authorization to have the tech return to complete the job. Kept saying that he would have to set up a new appointment and couldn't guarantee that the same tech would be authorized to return. I requested to speak with his supervisor, but he said no supervisors were available, and they were only there "in the morning." I asked to talk to someone in the US, and he refused, saying he couldn't transfer any calls. What a schmuck. Bottom line, going on two weeks without my computer, and no end in sight!
  • jmcasey posted on 11/11/2010
    I've had my hp laptop since 8/2008 and it's just burned another hard drive!!!! This is the 3rd one. The first hard drive went after just 3 months! I tried calling their tech support but got nowhere! They finally told me I'd have to pack up the laptop and send it to them and it could take 3 - 4 months for me to get it back. It took it to a local place and had the HD replace only for it to crash and die about 12 months later. The last HD lasted about 4 months. NEVER AGAIN will I purchase an HP and I tell everyone I know not to purchase HP. I've tried calling and writing all for nothing.
  • Sean posted on 11/12/2010
    I bought a HP Pavilion DV6700 in late 2008. I treat it gently. It has never been dropped, had anything spilled on or under it, been used or left in cold or hot temperatures, etc. In the 2 years I've had it, the hard drive has died twice (it's now on its third), the disc drive stopped working for about a month before magically seeming to fix itself, it randomly just shuts off about once a month, and now the motherboard has died. I called HP case management and calmly/rationally explained that I had bought a lemon and wanted to know if they could help me. Their answer? "We'll give you 25% off a (very expensive) repair." Thanks, but no thanks, HP. Our relationship is over, you totally suck, and I will be sure to tell this story to anyone I know.
  • ac posted on 11/22/2010
    Please, never, never buy HP again. My husband and I violated our rule of sticking with Dell and both bought HP a laptop and he a desktop. His was refurbished and the motherboard fried 6 months after purchase. It only had a 3 month warranty. We tried every angle...but HP, even at a corporate level did nothing to make it right. My laptop came loaded with crap and out of laziness, I simply didn't connect online and used it as a storage device. Then when the time came to need it to work online, all I wanted from them was the disc to rebuild (to try and build correctly without the crap)...just the disc....that's all I asked of them even though the pc was a piece of crap...but no. The answer from them is no, no, no, no. They can't help. They don't care. NEVER BUY HP. ONLY BUY DELL!!!!! Dell has been good to us and we have bought many pcs. BOYCOT HP PLEASE..
  • ray posted on 12/4/2010
    I am having a problem with printing envelopes. I am using MS Works8. The preview of the envelope I am trying to print is projected on a full sized page and it is printed the same way. I called for a solution and was quoted a $34.00 Service fee. I told them to FO and still hand scribing my envelopes
  • Chris posted on 12/11/2010
    you people obviously have no idea what you're talking about ... if you don't like HP, why did you waste your money buying an HP laptop ??? ... I have an HP Pavilion laptop ... but do you hear me complaining about it ??? NO ... if you don't like HP or their laptops, don't buy one.
  • Nancy posted on 12/14/2010
    I also will not buy another HP,this is 2nd one,first went before 2 year's,this one purchase 7/10,has had mother board replaced,CPU fan went out,HP,replaced,got it back 5 day's ago.CPU,gone again,won't give me a new one,have to send it back for repair,was told they checked it all out,they must have been blind,so now using a computer I borrowed from a friend,HP could care less,and I am still paying for this junk,to anyone out there DO NOT buy any HP,Compaq product's they are junk!!!!!!!
  • Bob posted on 12/14/2010
    This fugging computer has not worked from the day I got it. Customer disservice won't answer emails or talk to me on the phone. So much for warranty coverage. Bite me, HP.
  • GCV posted on 12/16/2010
    Two days ago I purchased an HP LightScribe DVD Writer and some HP DVD disks. Yesterday I returned the lot after getting failure after failure. With an HP printer that jams, and HP MediaSmart Server that freezes every couple of days, and now this, I decided to do the smart thing and buy an Epson printer that can label DVDs. Wow, what a nicely done product the Epson is - so different from HP. HP used to be a high-end brand. I used to covet HP calculators. But somewhere along the way (I think Carly Fiorina's reign), HP turned into a massive consumer company selling lots and lots of cheaply made half-baked products loaded to the gills with crapware from channel partners. There is no passion in what they do. They pump out enough cheap junk and make a profit because enough people will simply throw their products away rather than try and get any real product support. I am done with HP!
  • Another disgruntled person posted on 12/17/2010
    Another disgruntled person
    i just bought a brand new hp pavillion laptop with a core i7 500gb hard drive 8gb of ram and a radeon 5670 1gb graphics card and the beats audio chipset and guess what. whatever game with any 3dish capabilites whatsoever it runs on almost the lowest graphics so it wont be super choppy and it still lags really hard at times and buzzes through the speakers as the sound skips like a cd. 1400 dollars for crap that i used for a month and now have to send in for month because they wont take the pile back. my brother just bought an hp desktop its better than mine and we are taking it back today because it like mine should handle any game on ultra high graphics with no problems but because its hp it lags when its on those settings. his friend has a computer with much lower specs and runs everything great. so down with hp for any gaming or beatmaking (which mine is intended for) because it will be so much worse just because im assuming the logo on the front leeches performance. good luck not buying this product.
  • Another disgruntled person posted on 12/17/2010
    Another disgruntled person
    oh and ricko it has to be a usb printer. if you still have an ltp port on your printer im surprised its still working =)
  • Percy posted on 12/19/2010
    I actually used to like HP and its support but ever since they tapped that horror of a woman Carly Fiorina and she promptly outsourced thousands of American tech support jobs to our good friends in India and Pakistan, HP tech-support has been a complete joke! I ususally just take the extra time and find a solution myslef from sites having nothgin at all to do with HP...which was probably HP Executive's strategy all along. Seel equipment then leave those custoemrs in a lurch when it somes to supporting them. My last probelm is the ridiculously loud "BEEP" that occurs everytime I boot my Elitebook 8540w. HP provided no way in BIOS to turn this stupid off even though there are literally thousands of similar compaints on HP's site. THE ONLY CUSTOMER HP CARES ABOUT, SINCE THE DARK DAYS OF THAT OUTSOURCING HAG CARLY FIORINO, IS THEIR NEXT ONE!!!
  • refused to buy HP posted on 12/20/2010
    refused to buy HP
    i just bought this hp laptop online,before even i go to pick it up and my item is ready i had to do some research concerning if it's a good laptop or not,otherwise i don't want to have a huge headache later on so i came to this website where there're so many people who complained about HP. I READ ALL THE BAD REVIEWS!!!!!!! i had to call the place and cancel the order immeadiatelyi don't want to wast my money or my's a piece of junk,i rather buy apple and wait until i get more money next month then buy a better laptop.thanks to you guys you safe my money and my time.i will do the same thing for other also.
  • extremely angry posted on 12/29/2010
    extremely angry
    We have an HP laptop (which sucked from the day we got it. It forever has pop ups informing me that such and such has stopped working and they are searching for the problem). Well today we went looking for a new desktop. From the suggestion of the sales guy who said "HP makes shitty laptops but makes great desk tops". Well I am here to inform you that they suck all around. We bought an HP Pavillion Elite with an intel i7 core processor, 6Gb memory and 1 Tb hard drive. Sounded impressive to me. Was informed that it was almost top of the line as far as HP desktops go. I hate them. One of the problems with out laptop was that it was soooooooo slow. This desktop should not be, yet it has been saving work I have been doing on a website (Mixbook) for 10 minutes. Maybe it's the website, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is stupid HP computers.
  • John B posted on 12/29/2010
    John B
    HP could not care less how their customer's feel. Yesterday I was on the phone with yet another supervisor at HP. I have been trying to get the Windows 7 upgrade that was offered when I purchased a desktop computer a year ago. I was never notified of the free upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 was expiring. I have been in contact with 5 different people from HP. Spent hours trying to get some satisfaction. All I wanted was what I paid for - being able to get the Upgrade to Windows 7. Same answer from all levels at HP. "The free upgrade is over and we don't have any Windows 7 copies we can give you." A company as big as HP does not have a copy of Windows 7 ANYWHERE that they could offer to a customer of there products for 20 years. Worst effort at customer satisfaction that I have ever seen. Dumb on their part too. They have had 5 different people of different levels of customer service work with me. Time spent on their part has been about 7 hours. The time they could have saved on wages telling me I can't have the upgrade WOULD HAVE PAID FOR THE UPGRADE. If they just gave it to me on my first call to them I would not be slamming them every chance I get and writing to the Better Business Bureau. My next letter is to the CEO. Anyone else get the shaft from HP like I did?
  • Brad posted on 12/30/2010
    Bought an HP Photosmart C5180 all in one. It said on the outside of the box that it was Vista compatable. I've been fighting with it for two years, now. I disabled the HP solutions driver and digital imaging monitor because they sucked up all available RAM to where my computer started acting like a Commodore 64. After speaking with Hindi and Pahtun representatives practicing t heir English on me for a few days, I removed ALL HP software and downloaded the basic, vanilla, no fancy-pants drivers. Was ASSURED that this would make it all better. The new drivers worked once, then quit working completely when I needed them the most. Christmas card time is not the time to find this all out again. I installed Ubuntu flavored linux on my computer and finally got the damn thing working, kind of, by using the CUPS printing system. Now in the last few attempts the printer has quit again. I have removed and reinstalled the original software, and then the vanilla drivers from online multiple times. I use a P4 3.Ghz w. 2MB ram. There is no reason for this poor performance. A canon machine, Pixma mp-780 has worked for us FLAWLESSLY from day one. Inks were cheaper, too. I will not only never buy any HP product again, but I will share with all concerned how poorly conceived their products really are.
  • Laurie posted on 1/5/2011
    Very disappointed in HP. Have a laptop Pavillion, 15 mos old, graphics controller on motherboard failed, and both USB ports have just is more expensive to repair than to buy a new lap top....never again will a buy an HP.
  • bill m. posted on 1/5/2011
    bill m.
    HP Desktop Presario on XP. Crashed. Used a 16 disc recovery set (purchased from HP) for first time. PC would't accept Disc 7--said incorrect disc. Computer now bricked since first six discs erased hard drive. Contacted HP--two (ESL) techs, two online techs, one "executive" case manager. All same story--computer out or warranty. So sorry. They can't understand that it was a defective disc which mucked up the computer, and the computer being out of warranty was irrelevant. No more HP or Compaq for me!!!
  • Grace posted on 1/6/2011
    I wish I had seen this site before I purchased my HP. It was a christmas present for my 13 year old daughter, her first laptop. Well, she used it once, yes ONCE, on christmas day. the next day she turned it on to find a split screen. I just got off the phone with a useless customer service rep in India to no avail, he told me what I described would not be covered under warranty!! We have had this laptop two weeks...are u kidding me!! I am thoroughly frustrated and disgusted with HP. This was the first and last HP purchase I will ever make. But I will not let this go. I will climb the chain to the CEO if necessary. If I do not get a new or completely repaired laptop I will sue in small claims court. I will update this site with my progress.
  • Chris posted on 1/8/2011
    I purchased an HP laptop back in 2007, I believe it is the DV6000. The day I purchased it, the mother board fried, took it back to Best Buy, they gave me a new one immediately. Two days later, the replacement lost its wireless and 2 usb ports. Again, I took it back to Best Buy and they again, gave me a new one, I am now on my third replacement and after sending it to HP for service, I still only have about 50% of the computer working. Never buying this crap again and several of our employees have given up on theirs after a year. Most have gone with Sony or made the switch to Mac (like we all should). My not buy HP lap tops, oh and my 3 in 1 printer has quit working after 2 months.
  • Travis posted on 2/3/2011
    Trust me. You don't want to go to Dell either!! I can't even get a Replacement keyboard for my laptop. Been waiting since Nov. 2010.. and it;s now Feb 2011!! Although I've always been a PC user, I'm considering a Mac. Macs have a great reputation for reliability. Further, no more shipping your laptop out of can walk into a store.
  • Mark posted on 2/5/2011
    I purchased a HP G72-b60us 17.3-Inch Laptop PC, which died a month after I got it. Spent many frustrating hours dealing w/ technical support and arranging return for service. Got it back in the same condition! All they did was reload the software! Now it's dead again and I'm fed up. I've lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and intend to post on as many online forums as I can. I'm disgusted with HP.
  • Gary posted on 3/13/2011
    First, their Indian support staff is almost "impossible" to understand. For most of them, their English is terrible. This makes the call longer. Then, I have made calls in the past about problems that were under warranty. They denied a warranty existed. I have to argue with them, and explain I have a copy of the warranty right in my hand. It takes half an hour just to get by the warranty issue. And, many of the agents are not that nice. They repeat things, incessantly which is annoying. They really need to learn how to service the "American" public. Perhaps in India that works, but not here. I have bought HPs for 11 years now. I think it's time to switch to an Apple or another brand. I'm fed up with HP.
  • bt posted on 5/16/2011
    HP sucks. Hard drive on DV7 laptop failed, so they sent me one to replace it with, but demanded old one back and took CC # as collateral. Of course I don't want to send a hard drive with CC #'s, passwords, etc back to some joker so called cust. service to try to get them to release me from "collateral" charge and Indian call center could do nothing. Totally worthless customers support IMO.
  • Jeffery posted on 6/14/2011
    HP customer service it just pathetic. I don't even need to tell the story. It's not even important. They are just the most horrible company to work with. I just want to reach out and strangle all those reps who have NO real information. It's just pathetic!!
  • Doug posted on 6/17/2011
    Can you believe that now HP printers know (with software) if you have refilled a cartridge? And now the printer will not allow the printer to work since IT knows it has printed more pages than the original cartridge can print. It has locked me out of using MY printer with MY choice of ink. HP phone support confirms it. CRAZY. Try to save a few dollars on ink... THANKS HP. Anyone else experience this?
  • FredEv posted on 8/15/2011
    HP sucks big time!!! All parts of their printer software must be installed before printer works, including software that I never use (e.g. 'Buy HP products' and this software takes up time every time I start computer). I tried to remove it, and then printer didn't work any more. NO HELP from phone or website. How to DE-ACTIVATE or DISABLE software sections: nowhere to be found ! They deceive customers, just try to get maximum profit, and don't help. HP sucks !!
  • HP sucks posted on 9/2/2011
    HP sucks
    Never ever buy something from HP- pure crap. If you want to reach their executive office 1.800.756.0608 and press 7.
  • Steve posted on 9/3/2011
    I bought an HP years ago the thing has ran slower then a turtle since I got it. It freezes up so much I will never buy an HP again.
  • Mark posted on 10/23/2011
    I am extremely unhappy and displeased with HP products. I purchased an HP laptop. From the start there were problems with it. In less than six months the laptop failed. I sent it in for repair and I received one excuse after another why HP would not fix it; the biggest laugh was when an HP associate said that I spilled coffee into it. I do not drink coffee, I have Crohn's Disease, and I don't even have a coffee product in my house. HP's so called repair technicians must use this excuse frequently as I have seen this phrase used on other HP customers. I finally put this HP piece of junk into the garbage. I found that HP does not honor its warrantee and it cost me a great deal of money. Please DO NOT PURCHASE HP products they are made like junk and for me at least their warrantee is worthless. Just like GM, Ford, and Chrysler build garbage and consumers now reflect this in their purchases of Japanese, Korean, and German Name brand vehicles; I can only hope HP will a lose a great deal of market share. Every time I have the opportunity of seeing someone looking at purchasing an HP at a store such as Costco, where I bought my laptop, I will go up to them and explain my history with HP. I hope HP sales figures eventually reflect that I am not the only person who is disgusted with their products and disappointed with their service department.
  • Ray posted on 10/23/2011
    I am beyond infuriated with HP! I purchased one of their laptops dv6327cl and have just barely discovered that there was a class action lawsuit due to defective NVIDIA chipsets which were overheating or malfunctioning! I have been having trouble with my laptop overheating and freezing regardless of what I do and it's been attributed to the defective NVIDIA chipset. HP did not bother to send me a notice concerning my laptop which was one of the models included in the settlement so the deadline has passed so I am stuck with a f****d up laptop with no remedy from HP? From now on I will go with Acer, Sony or Toshiba I will never buy another HP product again, EVER!
  • dixie daniels posted on 10/29/2011
    dixie daniels
    My sister bought a hp laptop from best buy. what a joke. the service and laptop both suck. darn thing is only a few months old, been in the shop more than home. in case you wonder why she purchased this piece of crap, it was because the store told her how great it was...myself i would not buy a thing from best far as hp i think not.
  • Urggg Really posted on 11/9/2011
    Urggg Really
    Wow if I would have only known how bad they sucked I would have NEVER bought a HP product. I bought a refurbished laptop off of, payed extra to get the extended warranty and low and behold no one wants to acknowledge the warranty. Take a big guess on how long I had the computer before the hard drive crashed 94 days hmmmm...weird. To be honest the laptop never worked real good to begin with, then they have the balls to tell me oh our warranty doesn't cover refurbished items. Really how do these guys sleep at night knowing that they are a bunch of scum sucking low lives that don't care about their customers. Well I'll tell you one thing I will Never Ever buy a HP product again, Hell to be honest with you I don't think you could pay me enough money to take a HP product. Ill keep you updated on my progress of this nightmare of getting it fixed.
  • Mr. Nice Guy posted on 12/1/2011
    Mr. Nice Guy

    I work for a local school district as a computer/network technician at two elementary schools. The total enrollment of both schools is nearly 700 students. There is not one week that goes by without another HP product (hardware or software) adding to my contempt for HP. Here is the most recent in a long, long line of events that has caused me to never, ever purchase any HP products for my personal use.

    We recently purchased a lot of HP Photosmart D110a multifunction printers (print/scan/fax) for our teachers. I installed one on an HP 4720s laptop running Windows 7 32 bit Enterprise. After 3 days, the printer stopped printing. Upon troubleshooting I found that the printer was no longer listed under the printers in the "Devices and Printers", it was simply listed as a generic (nonfunctioning) device. I have tried repeatedly to uninstall the HP printer driver though "Programs and Features" without success. A reinstall procedure fails because of the driver that is left in the programs that is impossible to delete. I have searched HP's website and, as in the past, have found nothing to help with my problem. There are links to an uninstall program that go nowhere. This type of wild goose chase on HP's website is famous for its (HP's) inability to provide any helpful information. I have in the past had more success in searching Google for the problem and following the links they provide me to the HP website. When an outside search engine can find the desired information more rapidly that the dedicated website (HP's) search, it makes me question the organization of all information. As I stated, this is merely the latest in a long, long line of user unfriendly HP products and software.

    I would like to share one experience from the past to cast an even more disparaging light on HP's practices. A few years ago we bought approximately 300 computers from HP to upgrade our K through fifth grade student computers. Every one of the computers intermittently will not recognize a PS2 mouse. Upon research (not on the HP website) we determined that this was a BIOS issue and could be resolved by running a BIOS upgrade on each affected computer. HP shipped these computers to us knowing that there was a problem with PS2 keyboard recognition. While this may seem to be a small problem (a five minute fix), multiply that by 300 and HP has very graciously caused approximately 25 hours of additional work for our district technicians.

    Here is a partial laundry list of problems that I have experienced over the past five or so years:

    1. No compatible drivers listed on HP's website, but upon searching Google I have found the "unavailable" drivers on HP's website. Go figure!

    2. Multiple failed installations of HP peripheral devices on to HP computers, printers, scanners, docking stations, basically the entire gamut of HP products.

    3. Successful (?) installations that fail after several days or weeks for no readily apparent actions to cause such behavior.

    4. Installing printer software with garbage programs like "Order HP Supplies" or "HP Experience" or "Coupon Printers" that cannot be avoided on installation. Seriously, a 350 MB installation package? Sheesh.

    I could go on and on but I don't want to be any more verbose than what I already have been. In short, I will never, ever purchase a single HP product for my personal use. I would highly recommend that action to everyone.

  • HP Con Victim posted on 1/20/2012
    HP Con Victim
    It's nice to know I am suffering with good company, thank you all for the support. I purchased a brand new state of the art HP Pavillion in 2009 from Best Buy. Within three months the computer started flashing screens, shuting itself down, refusing to send messages to the printer. I have never seen a computer do these things, so I took it to the authorized techs at Geek Squad. Wow, I am so undecided, I'm not sure if HP, Best Buy, or the Geek Squad should get the loser of the year award. No, I have decided, it's me I am the loser for ever doing business with any of these idiots. My computer was in and out of the Geek Squad 6 times in the first year. Then, a week after my one year warranty I called back to report once again the problem was not fixed. They told me it was now out of warranty that I would have to pay. Hmmm, Called HP again, no help. Packaged the computer up sent it back to Meg and told them they obviously need the money more than I did, but I will never be back. No Response. What a bunch of con artists these people should be in jail for stealing my money! Welcome to American Business!
  • Gigi posted on 1/21/2012
    We purchased a HP laptop exactly one year and one month ago. The hard drive crashed two days ago. We have been on the phone all day with them today. Passed up the chain of caller sercive in India. No resolution. The only thing they want to do is to sell us another hard drive--yep sell. No standing by my product, cannot transfer us to any one in the US, no warranty, hard drive will eventually die (yes we know, but one year and one month????) No more of my money to this really sucky company ever!
  • Sean posted on 2/14/2012
    I HATE HP! My laptop has crashed three times in the past month and every time I save restore points they somehow get corrupted so I have to start over. I just went through reinstalling everything and I just know that right when I need my computer my laptop is going to crash again. This sucks I will never by another HP product again!
  • PW posted on 2/21/2012
    Business HP desktop MOBO died after 2 months of use. HP was going to send me a replacement but now it is on back order for 2 weeks and counting. I thought the business line of products is suppose to have superior support and reliability. 2 weeks downtime is clearly unacceptable in a business setting.
  • disgruntled posted on 2/24/2012
    I have 2 Macs that are so old neither can be updated, yet they both still work and have never failed. I have an HP printer that lasted 6 months and costs more to fix than to buy a new printer. Over the past few years, I have had a series of HP laptops. The first lost its disc at about 1 year. Then, about another year later, ate itself. HP support then trashed the registry. The replacement laptop lasted 6 months. This time I took it elsewhere for support and replaced the memory. A month later it went completely out of its mind and could not be fixed (the AMD processor continuously overheated). The third laptop, a new core i-7, lasted about 8 months and died suddenly today. Seems like a software issue, but will require a re-image so everything is lost. HP products are as faulty and stupid as its management. I will never purchase another HP product. This company of lying, thieving MBA's deserves to go out of business.
  • mama posted on 3/10/2012
    Hate HP. Bought 600 dollar hp pavillion in Jan 2011 thought it would last me 3 or 4 years. It had nothing but problems. Crash dumping since day 2, finally had the internet cutting out, mouse freezing etc. about 20 days out of warrenty. Found out it;s a common problem so I am stuck with a HP lemon. Terrible computer.
  • Paul posted on 3/23/2012
    I had a HP C309A printer that worked fine for about 15 months. We use it alot. However, even using genuine HP ink refills, the printer head gets clogged, and you can only clean it so many times before the frequent cleaning gets to you. And when mine finally went out with a complete hardware failure, HP told me that a new printer head was $60.00. Their customer service people were more interested in "upgrading" me than solving my problem. This really upset me, cause I own about six HP printers of various types and I have been brand loyal. AND I have used probably 15 black ink refills in that time. Do you know how much money they make on ink? LOTS! But they wouldn't even sell me a new printer cartridge for a reasonable price. Not sure I would ever buy an HP Photosmart printer again, and for color photo prints I'll stick with the Brother laser printer I have in my office.
  • GeorgeC posted on 3/25/2012
    I was unfortunate enough to purchase an HP Photosmart Premium 309g-m printer. I installed it on my network and it was wonderful for about two weeks. I made my first, of many calls, to tech support. Their fix was functional for about a week, then same problem. This sequence continued until the warranty expired. In my last contact with tech support I was told (1) that I was out of warranty on a machine that had never worked correctly (2) that he could see from my records that I had a continuing problem (3) that he could repair, but not guarantee the repair if I paid a fee up-front (4) that all my records had disappeared from their system (in the last five minutes) and (5) that if I was not happy I should buy another company's product. After reaching out to corporate, I was referred to an escalation manager, who struggled (and lost) with the English language, who wanted me to call him to explain the problem. I requested email to communicate to which he never responded in any way to approach the problem. Thank God other companies make printers, although I would also avoid Lexmark because of their tech support.
  • AG posted on 3/26/2012
    Why buying HP if you can buy ACER? HP is a disposable brand. I fix computers all the time, but sometimes you have to call for drivers location. HP has the habits to delete drivers and they do not tell you when you call. So you have to buy the cd drivers for whatever system. I have talked with many so-called HP tech experts from other countries but they do not know how to fix unless you pay up to the rear. Also if there is a recall , they are trained to talk you out of any class action suit against HP.
  • George posted on 3/27/2012
    Bought an HP all-in-one printer in Dec 2010. First call to tech non-support was in Jan 2011. Have had to make six - ten calls since due to same problem. No one there speaks English that can be understood. Final call I was told to buy another brand if I didn't like their service and product. At this time I escalated the complaint and received two emails from a language challenged "manager' who never responded to my replies but noted in his files that he had offered an exchange. Filed another complaint and received a new file number and an email from another manager. When I called, he was not available but Julie could help me. Her "help' consisted of telling me they could find no record of any of my calls to tech supt and that Nasir, the previous mgr, had offered me an exchange that I had refused. If he had ever made the offer, I would have refused. HP's offer to compensate for over a year of frustration and no help with a constant problem , was to offer to sell me an Envy printer for $150. What a deal. It sells on Amazon for $165. no tax and free shipping. I give up. NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY AN HP PRODUCT. THERE IS NO SERVICE OR TECH SUPPORT, IN ANY LANGUAGE.
  • Byterbit posted on 4/11/2012
    Bought a new HP Proliant ML350 G6 Server; rather high end, 8 hard drive bay, lots of ram, good CPU. Hard drive was DOA. Replacement drive also DOA or drive bus is dead. Bad docs, slow boot with lots of fancy notes but no info if drive is seen (!!!?). JUNK. Horrid to work with; with 26 years in the field the diag tests were the worst I've seen. GARBAGE. AVOID HP.
  • Dan posted on 4/15/2012
    I will NEVER buy any HP products EVER! I have an HP Laptop dv8 with a TV Tuner. This is my latest problem, the TV tuner is installed but I confident my problem is hardware, not software. HP standard response to anything is SYSTEM RECOVERY, as in having to reinstall a lot of software programs you have + reinstalling all your documents, files etc that are backed up, a very time consuming ordeal. I too bought the 3 year warranty, I guess thank goodness. I configured my laptop w/ an HP rep on the phone to get exactly what I wanted, was delivered and after problems my 1st 2 days, contacted tech support and discovered the HP has no quality control. They DID NOT install many critical drivers on my brand new laptop! We did a system recovery. I have since done 3 more system recoveries thanks to the geniuses at HP. Do yourself a favor, don't buy an HP. Their tech support is a laughing joke. I think it is time to switch to Apple, but the business I'm in requires PC's and are not always compatible w/ Macs and I don't want to partition to use both systems.
  • Batwings posted on 4/16/2012
    Several months ago, I purchased a HP Photosmart Pluss printer. Big mistake, Huge mastake. Since then, HP has sent me 2 replacement printers an neither of them are worth the powder to blow them up. I called them and demanded my origional purchase price returned or they would not see the printer(s) back. Since then, there has been no word from HP. If I ever see another HP product, it will be too soon. Screw them.
  • Gary posted on 5/5/2012
    My HP lightscribe disc player has broke 4x. i even had to ship it to Texas and it worked for 2wks. NEVER BUY HP MY FRIENDS. PRINTER HAS NEVER WORKED RIGHT SO SCREW THE PRINTERS TOO.
  • Miles posted on 6/10/2012
    I agree with everyone above. I have had nothing but issues wiht HP. Bad Computers. BAD SERVICE! One blew up and had to be replaced after 5 repairs. Now second model has issues but is no longer under warranty becasue it was a replacement even though it's a new one. The guy on the phone laughed and said it's just too bad... I even called the CEO's office and they refered me back to the same guy who informed me HE was as high as I could go. SHAME ON YOU HP!
  • me posted on 6/26/2012
    HP sucks. I've tried to get rid of all the processes they install and now my file table is completely broken! And can't be fixed! Jerks!!!!
  • cj3 posted on 7/10/2012
    HP fixed a fan under a bogus COSTCO 2-year warranty, but cracked the case then returned it as such. They promised expedited shipping, meaning 1-day, but everything was as before, namely, 2-day. They refused to send me an email with the FedEx number, so I had to call yet again. Each call to COSTCO Concierge requires at lest 30-minutes. COSTCO also sucks. They even try to give you a third-year warranty free if their American Express card is used. I'm mad at both of them, HP and COSTCO.
  • ergotic posted on 7/29/2012
    My HP 1510 printer blows. The print quality sucks but the diagnostics (such as printthead cleaning) won't work. I get the message "contact hp support," but they won't support me cause the warranty ran out and for the money they want for a one-time phone assistance I could buy 25% of a new printer. Stay away from HP.
  • Laura posted on 8/8/2012
    I bought an HP 17 inch with large keyboard with ten key laptop. Within 8 months the hard drive needed to be replaced. Now not even 2 years I had to replace the key pad. This is really ridiculous. I'm using a $20 key board I've had around 5 years and it works fine. This laptop is a piece of crap and wouldn't buy an HP again if my life depended on it.
  • Karen posted on 8/9/2012
    Hate, hate, hate HP. Nothing but trouble on this laptop. I did a lot of research before I bought this thing, and I though I had myself a nice working laptop. WRONG! Wish I had never heard of HP!
  • Humpo posted on 8/11/2012
    I have a HP Pavilion (p6500z) loaded with Win7 and of course the machine doesn't work after 18 months (and numerous times using recovery after which the desktop would work for a day). Finally called HP and the bastards want me to buy 'recovery disks' which I had already created per their protocol). After research discovered theat the hard drive was running too hot! the jerks at HP didn't figure that out. Anyway I jerry rigged a 80mm to the hard drive housing to keep the HD cool. HP has bad support and terrible engineering.
  • SILAKKA posted on 8/28/2012
    WHINING, JUST WHINING..HP, IBM, DELL they all are piece of crap now days...You know why? I tell you! because they all are, MADE IN CHINA!
  • jori posted on 9/1/2012
    HP truly has died, as far as quality is concerned. We used high-end HP microwave products at work for years, but no more. At home, ever since the fabled deskjet 500 HP printers have gone steadily downward, and finally I have been stupid enuf to buy yet another HP printer - the 7000 - and been - guess what? guess what? VERY SORRY! It just stopped printing, even with new carts, just prints a blank page - from any source material. The HP 'solution center' is a joke as well. Long ago, the HP calculator division went the way of modern low-quality high-profit ripoff the customer practices. Trading on the once high-quality name of Hewlett and Packard, they dumped the calculators to some geeky Austrailians with absolutely no knowledge of quality control or continuity practices - then, even worse - to some even geekier French dweebs who ruined the once fine machines even more. But then, they just joined the ranks of modern marketing practices - heavy on advertising - mostly false - and cut the underlying quality in every imaginable way. HP is now just another producer of cheap failure-ridden products.
  • Varun posted on 9/23/2012
    I am from India and yes HP sucks big time.. they always have an excuse to make warrant void for the hardware. You install vlc player they want to void motherboard warranty. A key of the keyboard came off, they void the warranty of the whole keyboard. When i bought my laptop my RAM memory broke in a week. They replaced it but since then i have so many visits to the service centre, now they don't even provide the 2 year extended warranty (here in india at least) coz they know their product sucks. Next time i will go for dell, my friend has one laptop and their service is awesome!!
  • Mark posted on 10/7/2012
    I have been a PC tech for many years. HP laptops are designed to fail and according to Squaretrade have a 40% higher rate of catastrophic failure than Toshiba. They run so hot they will desolder the gpu from the main board. They literally boil the thermal compound out from under the cpu heatsink. I see far more HPs come through my shop than any other brand. HP is well aware of this problem and gives their customers no satisfaction as these failures normally occur either just out of warranty. The ones I see most are one to three years old.
  • Bill posted on 10/11/2012
    My HP 7000 Wide Format changed me from being an HP user. Ever since I've owned computers all of my printers/scanners except for one has been an HP. I presently have two HP printers and a scanner on my desk. Since I purchased the 7000 it has been nothing but trouble. I've gone through all of the possible fixes and none of them help the fact that it will not print black. I have 8 (two sets) new cartridges (920XL) that are useless to me. I will now start replacing (probably Epson) everything and they can consider me a former and very disgruntled customer.
  • Wesley posted on 11/27/2012
    My HP laptop broke and I sent it back to HP to get it repaired. the guy on the phone told me I can get my PC back in one week if I pay 15 bucks, and I agreed. This order was placed on Nov. 10th but I still don't have my laptop back and today is already the 27th!!! I tracked my order and their has been no status update since the 20th (the day on which the last e-mail I received from HP)... So I called them but what they told me is bullshit... Now I have no idea where is my laptop and whether I will get it back.
  • Need a Geek's Opinion posted on 12/11/2012
    Need a Geek's Opinion
    So I get it - HP Laptops, Desktops, whatever - IT SUCKS. Finding that out for sure as I am trying to resolve a "BOOTMGR is missing Press CNTRL+ALT+DEL" issue with Windows (7) failing to start after replacing a bad hard drive with one that HP sent me, and then using the recovery disks they provided with the new hard drive. All system test come back good- Hard Disk, Memory, SMART- ALL PASSED. Hours upon hours on the phone with technical support that went no where. After the six time they requested that I perform the recovery disk reinstall I told them I've told them I know already what the outcome will be and I ain't going to waste my time doing it again. Wish I had a God damn Tech Fairy to give me a simple fix or a link for heaven's sake to help a brother out. So I totally agree with you guys. HP SUCKS ASS! So here is the million dollar question - What laptop then is the smartest choice to buy when considering the durability that they won't crash-konk out-burn out-kick the bucket, that is also affordable? Seriously- I need to look around for a good laptop that won't break the bank. - Jack
  • Fatima Khan posted on 1/11/2013
    Fatima Khan
    I had a bad experience with my hp laptop. It was a lemon from the start. Keyboard was not vertical. The screen went all white they said they'd fix it since this happened within 3 months. 9 months later same problem arised yet again and they wanted me to give 89 dollar to fix the same problem, as a courtesy dicounted rate!
  • Emily posted on 1/29/2013
    Just bought a HP Pavilion G7 laptop...I'm on a serious deadline to finish a project, after my previous laptop burnt out two days ago, and I was excited about this "quad core, Radeon blah blah blah" powerful HP that thank God I bought from Best Buy, because it is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. This POS couldn't even INSTALL WINDOWS. I almost laughed hysterically at how horrifically shoddy its parts must have been, the poor little gimp, to get a "Couldn't install windows. Try again" message on *first boot*, and was there was already a *clacking noise* somewhere inside the thing. If that were not enough, my head was already hurting from the terrible screen, whose glare and reflectivity are unimaginably unpleasant to look at for more than thirty seconds.
  • lee_terry_jr posted on 2/15/2013
    I couldnt agree more on this. I was just trying to help my sister with her new hp laptop because her computer does not work with farmville for some reason and she finds windows 8 annoying. So I tried to install windows 7 only to find that they had no windows 7 driver package for this laptop and the partitions are not compatible with windows 7. To fix this I would have to do a ton of crap so a job that should have only taken a few hrs will now take most of the day.
  • Ken posted on 2/24/2013
    I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. Dongle is missing. HP tech support claims the Product Number and Serial number don't exist. REALLY?
  • phil beck posted on 3/1/2013
    phil beck
    HP is a piece of crap. The newer it gets the faster it craps out. Why can't they just make a PC that works? Without having a problem. Also, a firewall would be nice to add to it.
  • hate HP products posted on 3/9/2013
    hate HP products
    I bought a HP Compaq notebook not realizing that it was HP Compaq now. Used to have a real Compaq and it was great and lasted me for years. But got a HP Compaq notebook and the piece of crap stopped working after 3 months of sitting on a desk and not being moved. They use FedEX which sucks also. Shipped it out on 1st day of month and they got it on the 8th day on a 2=day shipping agreement. I guess crap companies use other crap companies... better to buy a Acer, it would work a hell of lot better and longer.
  • Michelle posted on 3/9/2013
    Why do I hate HP customer service? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS. This has been on my bucket list for so long. I finally decided, today, that I cannot take it anymore. I am going to share this with everything because I know you all have similar stories and are equally frustrated, but do not have the time to do anything about it. I am going to speak on the behalf of everyone who hates the service we are getting in America, the beautiful. The worst part of all is that most companies in America are outsourcing everything. Some of these customer service representative can make you go from one to ten in a nanosecond. Their thinking is so concrete. Many do not have a good grasp of the English language. I believe they rely on flowcharts. If you say, "No," they look to see what it says in the corresponding box and repeat it verbatim. They should start answering the phone, "How may I be of absolutely no assistance to you today?" Two years ago, I sent my Special Edition HP laptop to be serviced. I really loved that computer. The hinge was coming apart, which I realize was my fault because I sometimes picked it up by the cover. I had just a few days left on my three year warranty. I got the computer back and it was working well, but five days later it completely crashed. I ended up buying a new HP laptop, which is not nearly as nice. Just recently, I sent the new one to be serviced. I made a joke to my sister that in five days, it would crash. Low and behold, that is exactly what happened. It is telling me to use my recovery disc. I just find this to be too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. I remember buying a three year home contract when I bought this computer. When I called for service, the representative said I did not have a contract. I read off the product number from my invoice. The service rep said that it was not a valid number. I kept calling to see if I could get a representative who could help me. They kept saying, "No, you do not have a service contract." How about the customer is always right. How about saying they are going to check into it and get back to you. I eventually found the paperwork for the service contract. I had to register my service agreement. This must be one of their latest tricks to make money. I did not read my receipt because I was too busy and that is what they are counting on. By the time you make your first service call, you cannot remember if you bought the extended service contract or not. Once I registered my service contract, they admitted I had a service contract. If I had not found that paperwork, I would be dead in the water. That is exactly what happened to my husband's computer. I bought a service contract via phone and had no way of proving it when he needed technical support. I wonder how much profit they make on this little scam. I am so sick and tired of these people repeating everything you say by using the alphabet. "A" as in Apple, "B" as in bullshit, etc. A call that would ordinarily take five minutes can take over an hour. I heard that they enjoy torturing us and laugh about it in the bullpen. When I called about renewing my service agreement for my last computer, the service representative gave me a price, but I realized it did not include hardware. I said, "I did not want to pay for their HOTLINE service only." She said, "Sorry, ma'am, you are not listening to me." I said, "No, I get it. You want me to buy your lousy service without hardware support." Honestly, I would rather break my computer over my head than talk to them. I started to realize that I was doing everything I could to avoid having to call them. My son refuses to call them. My husband does not even bother to get the service contract extended because he also refuses to talk to them. I decided from now on, I am going to use their chat line. In this way, I do not have to go through the alphabet multiple times. I wonder how many other people feel this way. Once a customer service representative gave me instructions on
  • Dan posted on 3/20/2013
    Hp wireless printers go offline and the power cord needs to be unplugged and plugged back in to reconnect to the wireless router. If you have a XP computer you also need to re-boot. A brand HP new desktop (W8) I own has constant LOUD noise from the HD 24/7. Tried to talk to support but they kept asking the same questions over and over and over for 30 minutes. The supervisor said it could be the power supply, video card or one of the other fans. I can hear the hard drive being accessed. He said we can't jump to conclusions and wanted me to open the case which would void the warranty. I will never buy another HP product again. I'm taking it back to Walmart and will get a refund.
  • Nick C posted on 5/6/2013
    Nick C
    Why do I never learn? I was given an HP printer just over 2 years ago, which I subsequently launched out of my 2nd floor bedroom window thanks to its printer cartridge carriage, which always seemed to jam or jump. Ok, it was a used printer, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I recently invested in an HP F2410 All-in-One. What a heap of junk!!! I've had nothing but problems with it. Printer cartridges drying out if you don't use them for a few days, the drivers keep needing to be reinstalled and now any picture I scan disappears into oblivion.
  • Shorty posted on 5/30/2013
    Bought a HP pavilion keyboard notebook along with a tablet in 2012. The connection to the keyboard (cord) never worked and continues to do so. I have to hold it until it connectd so I can charge my laptop. I did call there customer service which is a joke. I couldn't even understand them since I'm not from india. I looked online to replace it. No such luck, search every store nothing. I will never buy a hp product again. Even their printer that I bought gave me a hard time. HP is going to the dogs!!!
  • joe s posted on 7/1/2013
    joe s
    HP sucks! Right on. They ignore customer requests with impunity. No wonder the company is in trouble. I bought an Officejet 8600 all-in-one printer. Great machine BUT, every day it spits out something called The Daily Manager. The HP web site says many customers "inadvertently" hit a button activating this. You would think it would be just as easy to turn this off right? Not with HP. After trying its convoluted procedure for a half hour, I gave up. E-mails got nowhere. I finally demanded a refund as I refuse to use the machine. The few times I turn it on to make a quick copy, out pops a Daily Manager or even two! It even printed right over papers I had placed in the tray that needed some extra items added. The **bleep** Daily Manager just came right in and printed right over everything, ruining it. Frustrating does not begin to describe my anger. Unless or until they give me a refund, I will post my tale of woe everywhere. I will never deal with this company again.
  • Mike B. posted on 7/4/2013
    Mike B.
    Purchased an HP lap top six months ago. The cooling fan already failed. I also had a year and a half old HP printer purchased at Costco. It never worked correctly and was returned. Terrible quality products. I will go out of my way to never buy another HP product ever again.
  • J posted on 7/30/2013
    Bought a brand new HP for my business. I knew they were not a very reliable brand, but since I only needed the laptop for a little bit of business and nothing crazy, I bought it anyway. I'm in another country so lack of options is why I chose HP. I figured I would only need it for about 3 years and it would be ok. The first day it locked up. Not even doing anything complicated, just logging into Skype. My employees can't even type up a simple spreadsheet because it locks all the time. It is worthless and I cannot believe they would let some inferior product out of their warehouse like that. If it had been 6 months later and the thing started locking up, maybe I could blame it on a virus or too much software, but locking up 5 minutes after opening the box? NEVER buy anything from HP! The printers are cheap until you need another cartridge. If you think you can get away with 2nd hand ink refilled cartridges, it will lock up on you. That is because they have software that tells the printer the ink is not genuine and now you are out a printer. I will celebrate the day this company goes into bankruptcy. Yes, I will drink a few beers and read the reports at the same time.
  • Kelly posted on 8/28/2013
    I have had the pleasure of speaking with all the lovely folks at HP support today - for the last 3 hours and absolutely nothing has been accomplished except that I have told my story, given my email, phone number and first born to about 6 different people. My frustration level is at a 20. This would be my 3rd all-in-one HP printer that has gone belly up. And all of them within a year of purchase. Of course, the other when the other 2 crashed - I just went and bought another. This time I am requiring them to honor their 1 year warranty and guess what - it is impossible to make that happen. I have been on hold for 10 minutes after blowing my lid to some poor girl to get to speak with her supervisor. Lovely.
  • Consumer posted on 10/25/2013
    I really wish I had seen this blog before I bought my "really great" HP Envy laptop. From almost the first day I had trouble with internet connectivity but I just blamed it on a poor internet connection because I was traveling. Then the SimplePass fingerprint scanner didn't work right. Then the Bluetooth wouldn't work! Their customer support does suck -- it is just the royal runaround! I was told that HP's policy is basically that they have a repair-only warranty and they never make lemon machines! Again, I am so sorry that I went with the sales clerk's recommendation and didn't do my own research. No more HPs for me!!
  • Devin Brown posted on 10/29/2013
    Devin Brown
    I am sick of HP too! First off I have seen so many of these junky computers in the scrapyard and in the trash. I have the misfortune to own a crappy HP Presario CQ57-489WM. For starters the damn wifi card never worked right out of the box! I has one of those cursed Ralink RT5390 cards in it that a lot of these pieces of crap have. The Headphone and microphone jacks have just stopped working properly (sounds like it is under water in the left earbud). The one USB port never worked right. The right hinge is broken. It has a crappy 1.3 gHz AMD CPU (Come on my calculator has a faster processor than this!) I hate this thing I haven;t done anything to it and to this day it is not even a year old yet! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH HP WRITTEN ON IT!!!!!
  • James posted on 1/22/2014
    Don't get me started with HP. I bought an HP computer from Circuit City. The memory card went, followed by the graphics card that blew on me. I was thinking, should I get a graphics card? Well, a few months after that, my PC...dead with a fried hard drive. But that's not the end of the story. My father has an HP computer. The fan makes an intermittent grinding noise, while his HP laptop overheats and shuts off. At work, we used to had HP computers. They had problems up the wazoo! Blue screens, many people had to move to another cubicle with a working computer, and best of all, I had a hard drive on the computer I had that tore up, and wound up going to another cubicle until the computer got fixed. Finally, the company got rid of the pieces of junk and got Lenovo computers. HP? More like hunk of puke.
  • Anita De Lois posted on 2/28/2014
    Anita De Lois
    My first HP (6 years ago) worked. Now I have one that I bought a year ago and have had it fixed so many times that I'm about to throw in the trash. The other thing I don't like is you can't understand some of the people you complain to on the phone.
  • Disgruntled in Texas posted on 7/17/2014
    Disgruntled in Texas
    For three years the electronics store sent our HP laptop back to HP in California for repairs since we had purchased the warranty. The unit was literally in transit to HP service for more months than we had it at home. It never worked for very long. After the warranty went out, the laptop crashed once again so we scrapped it. It is the last HP product I will purchase.
  • Disgustedman posted on 10/2/2014
    I bought the protection package from Best Buy. I had a Lenovo. Then they broke it. So, they gave me a HP (my choice, idiot me) and some other goodies. So, I had to take in the HP computer for cleaning and repair of the mouse touchpad. They screwed up and shipped it to the wrong place, then they shipped it again, but didn't make a new ticket. So, THEN the Tech at HP said "Oh, we cleaned it and the diagnostics say it's all fine. So, they shipped it back ON A FREAKING SHUTTLE. It took ANOTHER three weeks to get it back and yes, the touchpad mouse is STILL SCREWED!!
  • WATERKEEPER posted on 10/3/2014
    I recently bought a HP laptop. I restarted it and it said 55 updates needed. Just filled my new computer with trash. I called them no answer sorry you didn't buy our Geek Squad protection. They create the issue to force you into purchasing their support. I am returning this computer. I run a non profit and they screwed me royally. I will never buy another loaded dice machine like this. Done with HP!!
  • unhappy hp reseller posted on 11/11/2014
    unhappy hp reseller
    Don't buy HP. HP does not support small business. As of 10/31/2014 many small re-sellers can no longer sell HP supplies due to an HP policy change in 2014 requiring a minimum sales quota. My company has sold HP printers and supplies for years to our loyal, yet small, customer base. The HP Contract Compliance team would not take phone calls. This is a horrible way to treat a "partner". There are lots of other choices in the marketplace - don't buy HP.

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