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Starting a Business in Malvern, Iowa

Thinking about starting a business in Malvern, Iowa? This step-by-step guide walks you through the major decisions you should consider before opening a new business in Malvern.

Malvern, Iowa Demographic Information

Malvern has an active business community that includes small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses.

To give you a better feel for Malvern demographics for small businesses, we have tabulated the small business sizes, based on number of employees, for business in Malvern.

Business Size# of
1-4 Employees 345
5-9 Employees 15
10-19 Employees 75
20-49 Employees 30
50-99 Employees 0
100-249 Employees 0
250-499 Employees 0
500-999 Employees 0
1000+ Employees 0
All Malvern Businesses 465

As a new Malvern entrepreneur, you may also be interested in the table below. It shows how many businesses there are in Malvern for each business category. By looking at this chart, you can get a general sense for how much competition there is in the business niche that you are pursuing.

Business Type # of
Art Dealers 1
Beauty Salons 1
Business Associations 1
Cemeteries and Crematories 1
Child Day Care Services 1
Community Food Services 1
Florists 1
Funeral Homes and Funeral Services 1
General Automotive Repair 3
Golf Courses and Country Clubs 1
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages 1
Nursing Care Facilities 1
Pharmacies and Drug Stores 1
Residential Remodelers 1

Have You Considered Buying an Existing Malvern Business?

If you have some capital to play with, you may want to Buy a Business in Iowa. Follow that link and you might discover several good businesses for sale in Malvern.

For anybody who wants to buy a business, we recommend reading this useful article: How to Buy a Business.

Naming the Company

A big decision when starting a company is choosing a company name. Believe it or not, choosing a good company name can be a big contributor to your business success.

Company names should be fun to say, and they should help people to understand what you do and how you differentiate yourself in the market.

Numerous company naming issues are discussed in more detail in this article: Branding Advice.

On a final note, given that you are planning on starting a business in Malvern, it's critical that you ensure that no other Iowa company is using the business name you want to use.

Forming a Company in Malvern, Iowa

It's very important that your business is formed as a legal entity that is separate from its owners. Doing so will protect you from personal liability for business debts and obligations.

The entity you form can be a traditional C-corporation, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or an S-corporation.

Incorporation is a very popular way to form a business. Of course, you have to decide which type of corporation to form and where to incorporate. If you are starting a business in Iowa, you don't necessarily have to incorporate in Iowa. In fact, you can incorporate in any state you would like to. However, if you do incorporate in another state, you'll have to register as a foreign corporation in your home state.

There are many nuances to forming a company. We recommend you read some of the educational articles about company formation that are availabe on our site, such as Getting an EIN. You may also want to seek the advice of an lawyer. Finally, if you are starting a business in Malvern, Iowa, our information on Incorporating in Iowa may be a useful resource if you decide to incorporate in Iowa.

Where to Get Money to Start a Company

Getting your Malvern business the capital it needs to succeed is very difficult due to the ongoing business credit crunch. To obtain business financing, you will need to hear a lot of rejections before you finally find a funding solution that works for you.

Recognizing this challenge, this site contains dozens of articles on raising money, including one we recommend entitled Attracting Investors.

For Malvern entrepreneurs who need startup capital, you'll want to take a look at our List of Iowa Angel Investors and our List of Iowa Venture Capital Firms.

Letting the World Know You Exist

Whether your goal is to attract Malvern customers or you plan on selling elsewhere, having an excellent marketing plan is fundamental to your business achieving its goals.

You can learn quite a bit about marketing on our site. How to Market to Accountants and CPAs is an article that will generate a few thoughts on your marketing plan. That's just a taste of the many useful articles we have on Marketing a Small Business.

How to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Abilities

The best entrepreneurs recognize that they don't know everything.

With your business being located in Malvern, Iowa, you will want to take advantage of the many programs available at nearby Iowa universities, colleges and community colleges. It's also worthwhile to see if there are any networking groups or organizations in which Malvern entrepreneurs get together to network and trade their business experiences.

Now It's Up To You

As an entrepreneur in Malvern, you won't be working for the boss anymore. You are the boss.

If you choose the right business and love what you do, you will greatly increase your odds of success.

This site is all about helping entrepreneurs in Malvern and elsewhere to achieve real success. We believe entrepreneurship is an amazing engine for job creation in Malvern, neighborhood development and overall economic health.

More Entrepreneurial Resources for Starting a Business in Malvern, Iowa

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