August 14, 2020  
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Need business acquisition financing? When buying a business, getting a loan to buy a company can be tough. Here's everything you need to know about buying a business financing.

Business Acquisition Financing

  • The ABC's of Seller Financing - Seller financing is a clever option of financing the purchase of a business. If used properly, it can be beneficial for both the buyer and seller.
  • How to Get a Loan to Purchase a Small Business - Getting traditional financing to buy a business isn't easy these days. Banks aren't lending much, but by tapping into your own retirement savings or turning to your family for loan, a deal can be done.
  • Financing Small Business Acquisitions - How much will you be able to borrow to buy a new business? We look at financing options for buying a business. The first thing you'll need to understand is how debt service coverage ratios work and how that will impact your small business acquisition financing alternatives.
  • Buying a Business Using an IRA - Millions of Americans have equity tied up in IRAs and other retirement investments. But your retirement savings don't need to sit in the bank until your golden years. You can put them to good use in buying a business.
  • Using Stock To Buy a Business - Short on cash? If your company is publicly traded or if your company is so hot that it's sure to be bought out soon, you can acquire other companies with stock instead of cash.
  • Business Acquisition Financing Tips - Financing can be one of the most difficult parts of buying a business. If you don't know what you're doing, it can be tough to nail down lender financing. Our business finance acquisition tips will increase your odds of getting a loan for an acquisition.

  • Sources of Business Acquisition Financing - Your financing source will depend on your individual circumstances, but there's a good chance that one of these business purchase financing methods will work for you. Stop what you're doing and check out our sources of business acquisition financing.
  • Buying a Business With Financing From the Seller - Like it or not, selling business owners have become de facto lenders. Seller financing is becoming more commonplace we'll teach you about the nuances that are involved with asking a business seller to finance a business purchase.




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