August 8, 2020  

Business Management Software is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Business management software includes ERP software, HR software, purchasing software, project management software and a number of other niche software solutions. While it's tempting to buy business management software in a hurry just to get a solution in place, the reality is that your business management software should be carefully selected to align with your business objectives. Let us show you how to it's done!

Business Management Software

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software. ERP software used to cost millions of dollars. These days ERP software for small and middle market businesses is surprisingly affordable. Before you buy ERP software, though, take the time to learn about ERP software features, the different ERP software companies, and how to make the most of a small business ERP software package. (4 articles)
  • HR Information Systems. Looking for good human resources software for small companies? Sadly, most small businesses still run HR with a patchwork of spreadsheets and word processing documents. If you want to grow your company, you'd be well-advised to up your budget for HR information systems. (5 articles)
  • Procurement & Purchasing Software. Good procurement software allows a business to simplify its purchase order processes and spend less money on purchases. We take a look at procurement and purchasing software, covering everything from defining your selection criteria for purchasing software to getting the most out of your investment in procurement software. (5 articles)
  • Project Management Software. If your business projects are constantly behind schedule and over budget, it's time to buy a good project management software package. Of course, buying project management software won't solve all your problems unless you assess your project management capabilities and strategically use project management software as part of a larger initiative to shore up your organizational weaknesses in managing projects. (5 articles)
  • Time & Attendance. The key to making your company profitable is analyzing the time and attendance trends of your employees. HR software that tracks time and attendance will help you analyze what projects and people are helping to make your company a success. We've taken a look at the companies, packages and options available to you to track time and attendance. Also, learn about how to best implement these time and attendance software programs to get the most from your HR software product. (6 articles)
  • Maintenance Management Software. If your business owns and maintains equipment, you should look into buying a maintenance management software product. Otherwise know as Enterprise Asset Management or Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS), these software products help you maintain your companies equipment. Whether you own cars, manufacturing equipment or computers, our articles will help you buy and customize a maintenance management software system to fit your needs. (5 articles)

  • Document Management Systems. When you are growing a business, there comes a point when the number of documents you need to track becomes overwhelming. Document Management Systems (DMS), or Records Management Systems, can help you track and access the documents necessary to run your business. Read articles about the software that is available on the market from internet based software to customized document management systems. (5 articles)




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