August 6, 2020  
  Legal Resources for Entrepreneurs is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Here are some great legal resources for entrepreneurs. It's important for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find a good lawyer and know when and how to use them. These articles contain everything from legal information on important small business topics to sample contracts and sample agreements that help you to do it yourself.

Legal Information for Entrepreneurs

  • Small Business Legal Advice. As a small business owner, you have plenty of reasons to worry about legal concerns. A single legal misstep can have major implications for your company. To help you stay on the straight and narrow, we've compiled a section of articles that covers the essentials of Small Business Legal Advice for entrepreneurs. (14 articles)
  • Contracts and Business Agreements. Airtight contracts and agreements are your small business's best defense against improprieties and bad business deals. In this section, we discuss a variety of common small business contracts, equipping your company with the tools you need to lock down relationships with independent contractors, clients, vendors and other stakeholders. (15 articles)
  • Human Resource Law. Hiring and human resources are areas where entrepreneurs frequently encounter legal entanglements. Employing great workers and avoiding legal complications can sometimes require you to walk a fine line, so we've created a section of resources dedicated to giving you a better understanding of Human Resource Law. (10 articles)
  • Startup Legal Issues. Startup entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds. But without proper attention to Startup Legal Issues, your business could be doomed from the outset. Here are just some of the legal concerns every startup entrepreneur needs to know about before opening for business. (6 articles)
  • Business Collections Law. There is a lot of talk about the rights of customers, but what about your rights as a business owner? Whether you are trying to collect a bad debt or pursue some other type of recourse, we'll tell you how to do it in a legal manner. (7 articles)
  • Business Transfer Legal Issues. Buying and selling a business involves no small amount of legal wrangling -- and like it or not, legally uninformed buyers and sellers often wind up holding the short end of the stick. In this section, we talk about some of the essential legal issues that are part of successfully transferring a small business. (4 articles)

  • Franchise Law. Franchise Law describes special legal protections that have been created to protect entrepreneurs like you from being exploited by large franchisors. We'll tell you what you need to know to protect your interests and make the most of your franchise experience. (4 articles)




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