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Business Websites is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Need business website help? Want to get on the path to online success? We cover everything you need to know about business websites, from e-commerce to content management systems to search engine optimization. It's the know-how you've been looking for to create and manage a successful business website.

Business Websites

  • Small Business Websites. If you are new to small business websites and want to get your business on the web, these articles can help. (37 articles)
  • E-Commerce. E-Commerce success stories are the result of hard work and smart work. We can't help you with your work ethic, but we can help you to educate yourself on e-commerce. We'll teach you how to get started and how to make the most of your investment in an e-commerce website. (6 articles)
  • Hosting. Cheap web hosting is easy to find. Reliable web hosting? That's another matter altogether. These articles on web hosting services will tell you how to choose a web hosting company, how to optimize your web hosting costs, and, more generally, will get you up to speed on the latest trends and best practices in shared, managed, dedicated and in-house web hosting. (9 articles)
  • CMS. Looking for a good content management system? It all starts with understanding what a good CMS is and knowing how to choose a good CMS solution. We cover that and much more in our CMS articles, including topics for CMS newbies and accomplished web developers. (6 articles)
  • Domain Names. Finding a good domain name for a business is a challenge. But, if your business website is going to be a success, you're going to have to become something of an expert on domain names. (10 articles)
  • Analytics. Wouldn't it be nice if your business website was an instant success the day you launched it? Sadly, that rarely happens. Continual improvement is the name of the game, and the best enable for website improvements is a thorough understanding of web analytics. (5 articles)

  • Search Engine Optimization. Coming up high in the search engines is easier than you might think. It's work, to be sure, but it's not rocket science. (26 articles)
  • Online Reputation Management. Managing online reputations is very important to business owners. There are even online reputation management firms that specialize in improving Web reputations! (7 articles)
  • Search Engine Marketing. Are you buying pay-per-click ads? If not, we show you how to get started. If yes, we help you do it better. (13 articles)
  • Social Marketing Optimization. Using social networking sites and social networking tools to promote your business? If not, it's time to learn how to use social marketing to power up your business growth. (32 articles)
  • Blogging. Business blogs are all the rage. At companies around the world, there's a mad rush to start a business blog. Learn before you leap! These articles cover topics relevant to business blogs, such as how to start a business blog, business blogging mistakes, and useful advice on how to manage a company blog. (15 articles)
  • RSS Feeds. RSS feeds don't mean much to most small business owners. But, if you've got a business website, you'll want to be conversant on what an RSS feed is and how you can use RSS feeds to generate revenue for your business. (3 articles)
  • Affiliate Programs. Affiliate programs are a great way to boost your site's revenues. You can launch an affiliate program and get other sites to sell your products. Alternatively, you can sign up for affiliate programs of other companies and earn some extra income from affiliate program revenues. (17 articles)
  • Wikis. Business wikis can be a powerful tool for internal company communications or for improving relationships with customers. Wikis are just starting to transform the business world. These articles will help you understand business wikis and learn how to make the most of your company's wikis. (6 articles)




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