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Need good advice on recruiting, hiring, firing and retaining employees? This is the place. As an entrepreneur, you need to know HR inside and out -- everything from answering employee questions to determining the benefits package you offer your employees. These articles will guide you through the complex world of human resources.

Human Resources

  • Hiring Employees. Good employees can be a huge asset for a small business. In our articles about hiring employees, we offer tips on how to hire the best employees. (53 articles)
  • Employee Leasing. Leasing employees has become a popular option. With employee leasing, you can let another firm worry about things like payroll and administering benefits while you focus your attention on your business and achieving your business goals. (7 articles)
  • Work Visas. Hiring foreign employees can be a confusing task. We walk you through work visas, green cards, immigration laws and other topics related to employing workers from other countries. (15 articles)
  • Compensating Employees. Learn about best practices for employee compensation at small businesses. Our artices cover salary levels, pay for performance compensation and a variety of other topics related to compensating small business employees. (16 articles)
  • Employee Benefits. Employee benefits play a big role in attracting talented employees. We help you understand the pros and cons associated with various employee perks and benefit plans. (13 articles)
  • Employee Wellness. Show your employees some love with employee wellness programs. We've seen employee wellness initiatives do some amazing things. We can say, without hesitation, that employee wellness is win-win for business owners and their employees. (8 articles)

  • Employee Handbooks. Creating an employee handbook seems like a simple task at first blush. In fact, putting together an employee handbook involves making hundreds of difficult decisions. Our articles cover the full table of contents for an employee handbook, with numerous tips on how to create an effective employee handbook. (8 articles)
  • Internship Programs. Find a business that is doing well and odds are they offer internship programs. You can do the same, after reading our informative articles on how to setup an internship program and best practices for hiring interns. Enjoy! (8 articles)
  • Managing Employees. Managing employees is a challenge. We look at how to keep employees motivated, improve employee productivity, and get the best possible results from your staff. (52 articles)
  • Evaluating Employees. Just like high school students, employees need report cards so they know how they are doing. Our articles cover the gamut, everything from how to write good employee performance reviews to how to define employee performance metrics . Seriously, if you're looking for insights on evaluating employees, this is one-stop resource for great employee evaluation tips and advice. (21 articles)
  • Training Workers. As a small business owner, the success of your business is closely tied to how well-trained your employees are. We take a look at best practices for worker training, including everything from brown bag lunches to creating an organizational culture that values learning and offers extensive training opportunities to employees. (11 articles)
  • Mentoring Programs. As noted by The Beatles, we all could use a little help from our friends. When it comes to small business, the best help comes in the form of strong mentoring programs. Learn how to make mentoring part of your company culture. You'll be amazed at the results. (11 articles)
  • Retaining Employees. Employee retention should be a top priority for every business owner. After all, it's tough to find good employees, so, once you've got them, make sure you keep them. We take a look at what companies can do to retain good employees. (8 articles)
  • Terminating Employees. Letting workers go is never a pleasant task. Moreover, fired employees sometimes will counter with a wrongful termination lawsuit. Fortunately, our articles on terminating employees help you to understand how to fire employees properly, with dignity, and in a way that avoids potential problems. (24 articles)
  • HR Compliance. When it comes to HR compliance, you can't afford not to follow applicable rules and regulations. Our articles on HR compliance issues are designed to help small businesses navigate their way around the laws and avoid getting in trouble. (10 articles)
  • HR Policies. Get the inside scoop on HR policies. Defining smart HR policies can make your organization more efficient and save you from experiencing common small business HR problems. (11 articles)
  • Telecommuting. Whether you've got employees working at home or road warriors doing business on the road, you'd do well to keep up to speed on the latest telecommuting trends. These articles on small business telecommuting can help you get started with telecommuting and get the best possible results. (8 articles)
  • Workers Compensation. Workers compensation is both a blessing and a curse for small business owners. We drill down into workers compensation and offer advice that could save you a ton of money. (9 articles)
  • Unemployment Benefits. Every payroll, you make your contribution to the unemployment insurance system. Yet many business owners don't understand how unemployment benefits work and how smart HR policies can lower your unemployment payroll taxes. (6 articles)
  • Outsourcing. Outsourcing typically isn't considered to be an HR function. However, outsourcing as an alternative to hiring has become an important aspect of running a business. When should you outsource rather than hire? How do you make smart outsourcing choices? These articles offer some useful thoughts, resources and tips on outsourcing. (11 articles)
  • Workplace Diversity. When it comes to workplace diversity, there are laws and then there's karma and doing the right thing. Embrace diversity in the workplace and be a positive force in the world! (6 articles)
  • Workplace Safety. Why is workplace safety important? What can be done to improve workplace safety? Our workplace safety articles can help you make your business safe and sound. (8 articles)
  • Minimum Wage. How much is minimum wage in my state? Why do we have a minimum wage? We take a look at the differing minimum wages, from state to state, and offer our own thoughts on the role of the minimum wage in a modern economy. (51 articles)
  • Labor Unions. Working with unions is a challenge. Here's everything you need to know about working with labor unions -- from how to avoid them in the first place to building a strong partnership with your employees' union. (10 articles)
  • Employee Engagement. Employee engagement matters because engaged employees drive better business results. If your employees are not engaged, read these articles on how to keep employees engaged. Do it right and do it now -- because, more than anything else, employee engagement is what will take your business results into the stratosphere. (10 articles)




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