August 6, 2020  

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In the information age, business data is more valuable than money. It's the fuel that runs a business and is the source of immense future business potential. The key to managing business data properly is to invest in backup and recovery solutions, information security, business intelligence software and other tools that will keep your data safe and allow you to make the most of it.

Business Data

  • Backup and Recovery. Backup and recovery isn't a priority for many businesses, and inevitably they pay the price for not putting good business continuity infrastructure in place. Make sure you are not the kind of business that never puts a solid business data backup and recovery solution in place. Reading these articles will help you avoid a situation in which your organization would experience a world of pain if a server crashed or a laptop hard drive died on you. (8 articles)
  • Information Security. Is your business data vulnerable to attacks by hackers, crooks, scammers, spammers and corporate spys? Don't understimate the importance of information security. Take steps to protect your data and information technology assets from the many bad guys who would love to slip past your defenses and get your information. (7 articles)




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