August 6, 2020  

Technology is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Business technology can enable greatness or doom a business to mediocrity. We've assembled hundreds of useful articles on small business technology. Enjoy!


  • Managing Technology. For business owners, managing technology challenges has become a constant battle. So many technology decisions to make, so little time. We offer a few thoughts on how business owners should approach technology management and related technology decisions.
  • Business Websites. Need business website help? Want to get on the path to online success? We cover everything you need to know about business websites, from e-commerce to content management systems to search engine optimization. It's the know-how you've been looking for to create and manage a successful business website.
  • Business Equipment. Business equipment is strategic to business success. If you make smarter decisions about your business equipment than the competition, you will outperform them. To help you buy business equipment that will maximize your business success, we've assembled information on buying everything from point of sale equipment to digital copiers.
  • Warehousing and Manufacturing. From pallet racks to forklifts to packing stations, we bring you the best warehouse equipment and manufacturing equipment products, tips and how-to articles. If it has to do with manufacturing or warehousing equipment, you can learn about it here.
  • Computer Hardware. Computer hardware is the engine that powers many small businesses. Make smart decisions regarding computer hardware by reading our useful articles on servers, desktop computers, laptops, thin clients, printers, scanners and more!
  • Office Networking. To improve small business operations, it's worth it to invest in a small business office network. Our resources will teach you how to setup, secure and maintain an office network. We also will help you make smart decisions when buying and installing office networking equipment, network cabling and office network wiring.

  • Business Telephone Solutions. In the market for a good business phone system? Our resources on business telephone solutions cover VoIP phone systems, hosted PBX phone systems, interactive voice response (IVR) and much more.
  • Accounting and Financial Software. Is your small business accounting and financial software performing up to your expectations? If not, it's time to learn what accounting software and financial software is out there and which accounting and finance software packages would help you take your business results up a notch.
  • Business Management Software. Business management software includes ERP software, HR software, purchasing software, project management software and a number of other niche software solutions. While it's tempting to buy business management software in a hurry just to get a solution in place, the reality is that your business management software should be carefully selected to align with your business objectives. Let us show you how to it's done!
  • Office Productivity Software. Are you thinking about buying a suite of software to manage your office productivity? We will help you learn about the office productivity software options, otherwise known as productivity suites, that are available for your business. Email software, calendars and scheduling, conferencing software and remote connectivity are just some of the functions productivity software can help you manage. Research these options here before selecting and setting up your system.
  • Sales & Marketing Software. Sales and Marketing software applications are one of the most critical business applications needed grow your business. From tracking your sales calls (CRM) to managing you e-commerce retail system, this is one of the fastest growing software segments on the market. We have taken an honest look at the products on the market and can help you decide the best sales and marketing software system for your company.
  • Medical Business Software. Our articles on medical business software cover software solutions for all types of medical businesses, from physicians to dentists to chiropractors. Whether you need medical practice management software or dental billing software, this is your one-stop-shop resource for the medical software information you need!
  • Real Estate Software. Whether you own and manage apartment buildings or have invested in commercial real estate, investing in good real estate software is essential. From property management software to real estate contract software, we help you sort through what's worth buying and discuss best practices for using your real estate business software on a daily business.
  • Transportation & Logistics Solutions. From GPS fleet tracking solutions to shipping software, we've got you covered. Learn about the latest transportation and logistics solutions that can help you elevate your operational performance from good to great.
  • Programming and Developer Software. Whether your business develops commercial software products, writes custom apps for clients, does web development or just occasionally does a bit of coding to build some business software for your business, you'll want to use the best programming and developer software.
  • Graphics and Multimedia Software. It's amazing what a small business can do with some good graphics and multimedia software. We take a look at the best photo software, best video editing software and all the other multimedia and graphics software packages that small business owners might want to own.
  • Operating System Software. Don't take your operating system for granted. Choose the right operating system for your business needs, and then take advantage of the many features of your operating system that will give your company an edge on the competition.
  • Server Software. Small business server software solves a classic small business IT challenge. As small businesses grow and add new employees and new computers, their IT assets can quickly become dispersed and unmanageable. Buying a small business server computer helps to centralize and coordinate things, but results can vary considerably depending on which small business server software you buy and how you set up your server software.
  • Business Data. In the information age, business data is more valuable than money. It's the fuel that runs a business and is the source of immense future business potential. The key to managing business data properly is to invest in backup and recovery solutions, information security, business intelligence software and other tools that will keep your data safe and allow you to make the most of it.




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