August 7, 2020  
  Entrepreneurs and Real Estate is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

It's impossible to be an entrepreneur without having to make decisions regarding real estate. Whether you need to find office space, want to buy commercial property, or need tips on renegotiating a lease, these articles are designed you to make smart business decisions regarding real estate.

Entrepreneurs and Real Estate

  • Buying Commercial Real Estate. Thinking about buying a commercial building or developing a new building? Read these articles to help you navigate the options available to you. (11 articles)
  • Real Estate Finances. Real Estate entrepreneurs need to be on top of the money. This section shares tools and tips for monitoring all the financial aspect of real estate investment. (22 articles)
  • Understanding Real Estate Law. You don't need to be a lawyer to become a real estate entrepreneur. These article will help you understand the legal hurdles you will come across as a real estate investor. (10 articles)
  • Managing Your Property. For real estate entrepreneurs, effective property management is the key to profits. These articles contain tips for managing your real estate investments to optimize profits. (7 articles)
  • Managing Construction Projects. So your constructing a new building to add to your real estate portfolio. Read these articles to learn about everything you need to know about working with the government, architects and contractors. (18 articles)
  • Understanding Real Estate Taxes. Real Estate taxes are a large protion of real estate expenses. Real Estate investors should read these articles to learn about tax issues before building or investing in real estate. (3 articles)

  • Signing a Commercial Lease. You are ready to move your business to new office space. We've written articles about everything you need to know regarding commercial leases. From mistakes to avoid to lease negotiating tips, we have you covered. (20 articles)
  • Starting Your Office. From signage to parking, many real estate issues will have a direct impact on your employees and customers. In these articles, we discuss how you can effectively use your office space. (11 articles)
  • Finding Space for Your Business. Looking for office space? These articles help you understand all the issues critical to selecting office or retail space. (16 articles)
  • Solving Real Estate Problems. Signed the lease, moved in employees, but real estate issues continue throughout your time in your office. This section covers everything from sub-leasing to holding over. (3 articles)
  • Real Estate Decisions. For most entrepreneurs, leasing office space and other real estate decisions can be daunting tasks. There are many costly mistakes that can be made -- we help you avoid them. (2 articles)




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