August 11, 2020  
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PR is without a doubt the most undervalued marketing tool that businesses have available to them. Good PR results will bring in new customers and accelerate your selling cycles. Compared to advertising and other marketing tactics, public relations has a much higher return on investment.


  • PR Plan. PR planning is the first step in maximizing the results of your PR campaigns. We tap into knowledge from seasoned PR experts and explain how to create a PR plan that will build awareness and drive revenue growth. (7 articles)
  • Small Business Public Relations. In the world of entrepreneurship, public relations is perhaps the most undervalued marketing technique. It costs very little to launch a PR program but PR results, achieved through an aggressive PR campaign, can be nothing less than incredible. (12 articles)
  • Press Releases. Smart PR involves your company regularly putting out newsworthy press releases. We take a look at how to write a press release, press release wire services, how to turn press releases into PR placements and other topics related to press release distribution. (8 articles)
  • PR Pitches. Many companies think that press releases alone should be enough to get them press coverage. In fact, it's PR pitches, not press releases, that bring home the lion's share of media coverage these days. (6 articles)
  • Press Conferences. When should you call a news conference? How do you go about organizing a press conference? Which members of the media should you invite? In these articles, we answer the many questions you've asked us about press conferences. (5 articles)
  • Media Databases. A media database is simply the list of journalists you want to target for your PR campaigns. We discuss how to build a good media database, third-party media database subscription services, how to maintain your media lists, and other topics related to media databases. (7 articles)

  • Press Kits. Ready to take your PR campaign on the road? Offering to swing by a journalist's office to demonstrate your product is a great way to secure press coverage. In PR parlance, this kind of public relations outreach is known as a media tour or press tour. Call it what you will, traveling to meet with journalists, editors and producers is a proven PR tactic that works. (7 articles)
  • Media Tours. Want to become a high-profile media darling? If so, you might want to consider going on a press tour. Press tours are a very efficient way to tell your story to editors, producers and journalists in specific geographic areas. (5 articles)
  • Bylined Articles. Bylined articles are a slam-dunk way to get PR coverage. Writing a bylined contributed article involves your writing an article that you send into publications. If they like your article, they'll run it in their newspaper, website, newsletter or magazine. (6 articles)
  • Op-Ed Features. Thinking about writing an op-ed piece? Contributing an editorial piece is a great way to get PR placements. We discuss how to write op-ed features that will get published and cover some best practices for submitting an op-ed piece. (5 articles)
  • Data-Driven PR. Data-driven journalism refers to media articles that feature data as the centerpiece of a story or use data to support a story. As the need for newsworthy data grows, smart marketers are using data-driven PR to get press coverage. It's simple. Just create data that is useful to reporters and watch your PR clip books grow. (5 articles)
  • Surveys and PR. Pick up a magazine or newspaper and odds are you'll see an article that references a survey of some kind. Why not create your own surveys and send the results to journalists? It's easy and it's a sure-fire technique to get PR placements for your business. (5 articles)
  • Working With a PR Agency. You can get PR on your own, but sometimes it's a smart move to bring in the pros. We explain when to hire a PR agency, how to select a public relations firm and how to work with a PR firm to get the best possible results. (6 articles)
  • Media Training. Doing media interviews without having been through media training is not the brightest move. Even if you think you know what you are doing, media training can help you avoid interview mistakes and get the best possible coverage. (6 articles)
  • Analyst Relations. In many industries, improving analyst relations can lead to an increase in sales. Learn how to influence the influencers. We cover how to decide which analysts to target, services offered by analyst firms, how to conduct analyst briefings and many other topics pertaining to analyst relations. (6 articles)
  • SEO and PR. Search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR) might seem like distinct disciplines with little overlap. In reality, SEO and PR are tightly related. Those who excel at SEO can excel at PR by attracting journalists via search engine results. (9 articles)
  • Social Media and PR. What's the relationship between social media and PR? Find out why PR campaigns that don't tap into social media are doomed to underperform, relative to PR outreach efforts that are smart about social networking. (12 articles)
  • Crisis PR. Crisis PR isn't something many companies think about until they are in the middle of a crisis. That's a mistake. We take a look at crisis communications best practices, covering everything from putting together a crisis PR plan to dealing with negative news about a company or an executive. (8 articles)
  • PR Clipping Services. Reporting on PR placements can be tricky. Your options for tracking PR replacements range from simple Google Alerts to paid clipping services that scour the news for PR mentions. We take a look at the various choices for PR clipping services and explain how to make the most of print, TV and radio clip services. (5 articles)
  • Video In PR. Learn about the use of video in PR. From B roll to YouTube videos, the video tools that are available to publicize your offerings play a powerful role in getting PR placements. Plus, video can also help you extend the power of your PR placements. We show you how to use video for PR, leveraging techniques that are not guaranteed to take your PR campaigns to a new level. (5 articles)




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