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  • Buying a Franchise. In the world of franchising, long-term success hinges on the ability to identify and acquire the right franchise. In this section, we'll tell you what to look for -- and what to avoid -- when you buy a franchise.
  • Types of Franchises. Franchising is an appealing concept for many entrepreneurs. But with literally thousands of franchises to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our resources on various types of franchises will help you narrow down your search.
  • Franchising Advice. On paper, franchising seems like a turnkey business concept. But in the real world, franchising is a challenging form of business ownership -- even for seasoned franchise veterans. Our franchising advice covers a broad range of topics that will help you succeed as a franchise owner.
  • Tips for Franchisors. Franchising helps growing companies expand their operations with minimal investment. Our tips for franchisors will help you assess your company's franchise potential and take your first steps as a franchisor.
  • Franchise Management. You've worked hard to get your franchise up and running. But buying a franchise is just the beginning. Our franchise management resources will tell you how to effectively operate your franchise and grow it into a lucrative business enterprise.

Franchise Directories by Type of Franchise

  • Accounting Franchises - Accounting franchises offer qualified accounting and financial planning professionals a great opportunity to build their own accounting business.
  • Apparel Franchises - Apparel retailing is a major part of the retail industry, and apparel franchises are a great way to start your own business.
  • Asian Restaurant Franchises - Asian restaurant franchises offer healthy, tasty and fun food! It's no surprise that this is one of the fastest-growing franchise trends around.
  • ATM Franchises - ATM franchises let you tap into a fast-growth industry. A new ATM machine is being installed approximately every 5-10 minutes! Some of those new ATM machines can be yours.
  • Auto Parts and Tools Franchises - Auto parts and tools are always in high demand. Opening an auto store is easy if you check out these auto parts franchises and auto tool franchises.
  • Auto Rental Franchises - If you think it's impossible for a person like you to open a car rental business, think again. Auto rental franchises put a great opportunity within reach.
  • Auto Repair Franchises - When you fix cars right the first time and provide the very best customer service, success in the auto repair industry is guaranteed. When evaluating auto repair franchises, make sure you only consider high-quality auto repair franchise opportunities.
  • Auto Sales Franchises - Selling cars is a great way to make a living, and car sales franchises let you call all the shots. We've collected some of the best auto sales franchises around!
  • Automotive Services Franchises - If you enjoy working with cars, you definitely should take a look at these auto service franchises. Our list includes many auto franchises, including oil change franchises, car wash franchises, auto paint and body repair franchises, and many other car franchises.
  • B2B Franchises - It's a smart move to look for B2B franchises. According to many experts, business services franchise will be one of the biggest business trends this century. Fortunately, you've just discovered the leading source of business to business franchise opportunities. Take a moment to learn more about each of these exciting B2B franchises.
  • Baby Franchises - The world is full of babies. If you were born to be an entrepreneur and you love babies, you will love these baby franchises.
  • Bagel Franchises - Our directory of bagel franchises is perfect for those of you who are interested in bagel franchise opportunities.
  • Bakery Franchises - Opening a bakery is a dream come true for many, but it's no easy task. Whether your passion is bread, cakes, croissants, pastries or pies, a bakery franchise can make starting a baking business much easier.
  • Bath Remodeling Franchises - Bath remodeling franchises represent a big opportunity. Over 84 million homes in the United States are more than 15 years old. That's a huge number of bathtubs, showers and walls that need updating or restoration.
  • Blind Repair and Sales Franchises - If owning your own business selling, cleaning, repairing or installing blinds and shutters appeals to you, our window blinds franchises are worth checking out.
  • Bookstore Franchises - Bookstores have fared far better than many other types of retail businesses, and over $8 billion worth of books are sold per year. Bookstore franchises take the mystery out of opening a bookstore. If you are looking for bookstore franchise opportunities, you've come to the right place!
  • Business Services Franchises - These business services franchises provide varied services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are interested in financial services, advertising services, business brokerages, shipping & delivery, management training, staffing services, or general business consulting, we've got the business services franchise opportunity that's just right for you.
  • Car Wash Franchises - The car wash industry in the United States includes 14,000 full-service car washes with combined annual revenue of about $5 billion. Car wash franchises let you enter the car wash industry with the best possible chance of success.
  • Carpet Care Franchises - These carpet cleaning franchises may be your ticket to join the growing ranks of satisfied carpet cleaning business owners out there. Did you know that over alone 18 billion square feet of carpet is sold and installed every year?
  • Carpet Retail Franchises - Selling carpets for a living is a limitless opportunity. Every house and office needs carpets! These carpet sales franchises get you in on the ground floor of this stable, solid and profitable industry.
  • Cartridge Recycling Franchises - The ink & toner cartridge business is a $25 billion industry and growing! Ink cartridge recycling franchises let you provide a valuable service -- refilling printer cartridges and saving your customer tons of money in the process.
  • Cell Phone Franchises - Our list of cell phone franchises gets you quick access to everything you need to know to start your own cell phone store. Verizon Wireless franchises, Cingular franchises and more -- if they franchise, we've got the franchising information you need.
  • Child Care Franchises - Child care franchising has been flourishing in the past few years. If you love kids, these child care franchises may be perfect for you.
  • Child Education and Tutoring Franchises - There may be no better way to make a living than helping a child to learn. Child education and tutoring franchises are your ticket into the fast-growth world of education and tutoring businessses!
  • Child Entertainment Franchises - Birthday parties are a big deal, and birthday party franchises are a great business opportunities. These child party franchises and child entertainment franchises let you tap into a gigantic market. The sky's the limit!
  • Child Photos and Portraits Franchises - Picture yourself running one of these exciting child photography franchises. Child photos and portraits franchises are booming and they'd love for you to join their network and start your own kids photography or portraits business.
  • Child Safety Franchises - Child safety services are one of the most exciting and fastest growing segments of the safety industry, and these child safety franchises give you a secure path to owning your own childrens safety business.
  • Children's Fitness Franchises - You can become a health and fitness leader in your local area if you concentrate on keeping kids fit. These child fitness franchises will give you a jump start on your way to success.
  • Children's Franchises - There are many new children's franchises out there -- franchises that focus on serving the needs of kids and their families. With all these clever new ideas, it's no wonder the market for children's franchises is booming.
  • Children Arts Programs Franchises - These children's arts franchises let you spread the joy of childhood and the joy of the arts. At the same time, these children's arts program franchises offer a great way to make a living and have a ton of fun!
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Franchises - We've compiled the definitive list of cleaning and maintenance franchises, including commercial cleaning franchises, house cleaning franchises, maid service franchises, and other cleaning franchises and maintenance franchises for sale.
  • Closet Design and Construction Franchises - These closet design franchises and closet construction franchises will set you free. It's time you came out of the closet and declared yourself to be a serious entrepreneur!
  • Coffee Shop Franchises - Searching for coffee shop franchises? Our directory of coffee franchises lets you evaluate over twenty different coffee shop franchise opportunities.
  • Convenience Store Franchises - Convenience store franchises meet an ever-growing consumer need for convenient shopping. Buying a convenience store franchise just might put you on the fast path to riches.
  • Construction Franchises - If you are ready to build a better future for yourself, these construction franchises are here in the knick of time. Enter the building and construction industry with your very own construction and building franchise -- it's a market that is ripe with opportunity.
  • Dating Service Franchises - One of these dating service franchises just might be a match made in heaven for you. The market for love is ever-booming!
  • Deli Restaurant Franchises - Delicatessen style restaurants are more popular than ever before. Explore these deli restaurant franchise opportunities and learn how you can team up with some of the largest, most experienced restaurant companies around.
  • Dollar Store Franchises - Why should you buy a dollar store franchise? Simply put, dollar stores are one of the fastest growing and most profitable business opportunities available today.
  • Donut Shop Franchises - Wondering how to open up a donut shop? Get an entrepreneurial "hole in one" with these awesome donut franchises.
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Franchises - Dry cleaning franchises and laundry franchises are recession-proof businesses that experts believe will always be profitable.
  • eBay Franchises - eBay franchises fill an important consumer need. Many of us want to sell items on eBay but don't know how or dislike going through the hassles of selling on eBay.
  • Embroidery Franchises - Starting an embroidery business is easy when you partner with embroidery franchises.
  • Employment and Staffing Franchises - With years of experience and proven processes, these employment and staffing franchises offer you a turnkey recruiting business.
  • Environmental Testing Franchises - As the public's awareness of the effect of the environment on health grows, the need for environmental testing franchises will grow. Partner with these experienced environmental testing business and you'll soon be in business for yourself conducting mold investigations and remediation, indoor air quality analyses and real estate inspections.
  • Family Restaurant Franchises - We've assembled a long list of family restaurant franchises, covering everything from Applebee's to Denny's to TGI Friday's. You can increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur if you pursue one of these restaurant franchise opportunities.
  • Fast Food Franchises - Read about these fast food franchises and soon you may be starting a small business of your own.
  • Financial Services Franchises - These financial services franchises offer you the freedom of being your own boss, with the financial security you've always wanted.
  • Fitness Franchises - Opening a fitness center is easy when you partner with these fitness franchises. Maintaining good physical health is a popular personal goal, and health club franchises let you satisfy that need. Explore our list of fitness center franchises to learn more about this fast-growth industry.
  • Flooring Franchises - Get in on the ground floor of entrepreneurial success by partnering with these flooring franchises. Whether you're interested in vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, or ceramic and stone tile floors, we've got a flooring franchise that's perfect for you.
  • Florist Franchises - Searching for floral franchises? These florist franchises are blooming with entrepreneurial opportunity. Buy a flower store franchises and enter the exciting floral retail and gift retail industry.
  • Food and Drink Franchises - If it has to do with food or drink, we've got it listed in our food and drink franchises directory, the most comprehensive list of food franchises and drink franchises available.
  • Framing Store Franchises - Framing store franchises are a great business opportunity. Picture yourself at the helm of a picture framing store business, taking part in the exciting and fast-growing picture framing industry!
  • Franchises that Serve Liquor - Simply put, people like to drink. For those of you who want to make money by catering to consumers' love for beer, wine and other spirits, we've assemble a list of franchises that sell or serve liquor.
  • Frozen Yogurt Franchises - Soft-serve frozen yogurt tastes great, doesn't it? Review our list of frozen yogurt franchises and find the right frozen yogurt franchise opportunity for you.
  • Gift Items Franchises - You can give yourself a gift that keeps on giving if you check out our list of gift items franchises. The average consumer spends more than $1,500 on gifts every year. It's a big market, and part of it can be yours!
  • Golf Franchises - Golf industry statistics put the U.S. golf market at over $65 billion in value. That's a huge entrepreneurial opportunity and we show you how to get in on the action.
  • Hair Styling Franchises - Check out our directory of hair styling franchises! Great Clips, Hair Cuttery,Supercuts and many more. If they cut hair, we've got them in our list of hair cut franchises.
  • Handyman Services Franchises - This is the most comprehensive list of handyman services franchises in the whole World Wide Web. If a handyman franchise isn't here, they don't exist.
  • Hardware Store Franchises - Our list of hardware store franchises helps you get in touch with franchisors. After that, it's just a matter of hammering out the details.
  • Health Franchises - Staying healthy is top of mind for most consumers. Our list of health franchises exposes you to a whole new world of business opportunity.
  • Health and Diet Franchises - Entrepreneurs interested in health related business opportunities, health product franchises, diet and exercise franchises and weight loss franchises will enjoy browsing our list of health and diet franchises.
  • Health and Beauty Franchises - Our list of health and beauty franchises is definitely worth perusing. Our list spans beauty product franchises, med spa franchises, salon franchises and much more. To be sure, there are some beautiful business opportunities in this list!
  • Healthcare Franchises - This comprehensive list of healthcare franchises provides instant access to detailed descriptions of a wide variety of healthcare business opportunities.
  • Healthcare Services Franchises - Our list of healthcare services franchises is just what you've been looking for. We've got dental franchises, optical franchises, homecare franchises and much more.
  • Healthy Alternative Foods Franchises - Healthy eating is catching on! Our list of healthy alternative foods franchises let you get in on the action.
  • Home Décor Franchises - Franchise ownership is probably the easiestl way to become a financial success with the least amount of risk. Our list of home decorating franchises may be just what you need to get started.
  • Home Furnishings Franchises - Our list of home furnishings franchises will grow over time to be the most comprehensive franchise directory on the Web. If you know a home furnishings franchise that should be on our list, please let us know.
  • Home Inspection Franchises - Starting a home inspection business? With over 5 million home inspections conducted each year, these home inspection franchises are worth inspecting.
  • Home Repair Franchises - Fixing home problems is a market that will always be big. Our list of home repair franchises may be just what you need to get an extra edge in starting your own home repair business.
  • Home Services Franchises - There are many home services franchises available, and we've got the perfect list for you.
  • Hotel and Motel Franchises - Our list of hotel and motel franchises is second to none! Buying a hotel or a motel was never this easy.
  • Ice Cream Franchises - Always wanted to own an ice cream shop? That's a very cool idea! Americans buy over $12.5 billion worth of ice cream for "outside of the home" consumption, so there's plenty of room for you in the market.
  • Insurance Franchises - Worldwide insurance premiums exceed $3.2 trillion annually. The market is huge, and you can be part of it. Our list of insurance franchises gets you started.
  • Juice Bar Franchises / Smoothie Franchises - Interested in owning juice bar franchises or smoothie franchises? It's a great time to buy these healthy franchises. Nutritious food and drink franchises are more popular than ever!
  • Interior Environment Franchises - There are many excellent interior environment franchises. Business is booming as homeowners realize that houses can make you sick or can keep you healthy, depending on what's done to the house. They offer water filters, humidity control systems, mold remediation and many other services that give their customers a healthier and happier living environment.
  • IT Franchises - The businesses featured in our comprehensive directory of IT franchises offer you an opportunity to be your own boss while working with seasoned and talented franchisors. Information technology is the future. Don't wait to open an IT business!
  • IT Training Franchises - There are many excellent IT training franchises that get you started in business without having to start from scratch.
  • Kid Friendly Franchises - This list of franchises that cater to kids is a great place to start your search for kid-friendly franchises. Put smiles on kids' faces and build a great business along the way!
  • Kitchen Design Franchises - Everyone wants a beautiful and functional kitchen. The businesses featured in our comprehensive directory of kitchen design franchises let you tap into this ever-present demand for kitchen design and remodeling.
  • Landscaping Franchises - There are many excellent landscaping franchises to choose from. We've looked at all of them and written helpful summaries that will make your job a little easier.
  • Leisure and Entertainment Franchises - This comprehensive directory of leisure and entertainment franchises lets you buy a franchise in a booming industry. You'll finally be in control of your own destiny.
  • Mail and Shipping Services Franchises - If you like the idea of being your own boss, but also having the stability of a nationally-recognized brand on your door, you'll definitely want to check out the opportunities in our directory of mail and shipping services franchises.
  • Marketing, Sales and Advertising Franchises - Our list of marketing franchises, sales franchises and advertising franchises is heads and shoulders above other directories with business opportunities that are almost too good to be true. If you've got marketing, sales or advertising experience, one of these marketing franchises may be your path to a better and more profitable life.
  • Mexican Restaurant Franchises - Mexican food rocks! There are many excellent Mexican restaurant franchises, and we've got every one of them in our franchise directory.
  • Miscellaneous Franchises - If you've always wanted to be a business owner, but enjoy the stability of being part of an established company, you just might find the perfect business opportunity in our list of miscellaneous franchises. These are franchises that are tough to categorize, and that makes them especially unique and interesting.
  • Modeling Franchises - Good news! You can open your very own fashion model agency. Our list of modeling franchises will get you started.
  • Moving Franchises - Find out today how you can start a successful moving business. Our list of moving franchises will show you the way.
  • Party Supply Franchises - It's time to celebrate! There are many excellent party supply franchises in our list. Some of the country's fastest growing, most popular franchise and business opportunities are found in this category.
  • Payday Loan Franchises - Why should you buy a payday loan or other money lending business? Lending money has been a good way to make money since, well, since the invention of money. Our list of payday loan franchises offers an opportunity to help people in their moment of need while charging a premium charge for fast access to cash.
  • Payroll Service Franchises - Making payroll is never easy. Our list of payroll service franchises lets you help small businesses to process payroll quickly and easily.
  • Personal Services Franchises - Generally speaking, franchises either sell to individuals or businesses. If you prefer to sell to people, rather than organizations, check out our list of personal services franchises.
  • Pest Control Franchises - Our list of pest control franchises gives you instant access to the top franchises in the pest control industry. With lots of variety and varying investment requirements, these franchises are worth checking out.
  • Pet Franchises - People love their pets! Our list of pet franchises includes pet grooming franchises, pet supply store franchises, and many other pet care products and services for cats, dogs and other pets.
  • Pizza Franchises - Want to open a pizza franchise? Good idea! Americans eat about 350 slices of pizza per second, or almost 3 billion pizzas per year.
  • Print and Sign Franchises - These printing franchises and sign franchises need skilled, energetic entrepreneurs who understand the risks and rewards of owning their own business.
  • Real Estate Franchises - Getting into the real estate business may be easier than you think. There are many excellent real estate franchises
  • Rental Franchises - The rental market continues to grow at a rapid pace. This comprehensive directory of rental franchises includes a ton of great rental business opportunities.
  • Restaurant Franchises - We've hunted far and wide to generate this list of restaurant franchises. If we are missing any restaurant franchises, please let us know!
  • Restaurant Services Franchises - Restaurant services franchises offer various services to restaurants. If you've always wanted to be a business owner, but enjoy the stability of being part of an established company, you just might find the perfect business opportunity in our list of restaurant services franchises.
  • Retail Franchises - There are many excellent retail franchises. If opening a store is something you want to try, take a moment to review our directory of retail franchise opportunities.
  • Seafood Restaurant Franchises - A steady climb in seafood's popularity is driving exceptional growth in the seafood restaurant category. We assembled a complete list of excellent seafood restaurant franchises for your review.
  • Security Franchises - The security industry comprises several market segments, including CCTV, access control, biometrics, computer security, fire/burglar alarms, home automation, just to name a few. It's and industry that has a proven track record, and there are many excellent security franchises that let you enter the industry with minimal risk.
  • Senior Care Franchises - The senior care industry is booming. There are many franchise and business opportunities that meet this rising demand, and we've captured all of them in our comprehensive directory of senior care franchises.
  • Soccer Franchises - Love soccer? If so, open a soccer store. You'll be getting into a booming market, powered by growing interest in the world's most popular sport. Buying a soccer franchise makes it easy!
  • Specialty Foods Franchises - You can build your own niche in the niche in the specialty foods market by purchasing one of the many excellent specialty foods franchises in our franchise directory. These franchise opportunities let you quickly own your own specialty foods business with minimal risk.
  • Sports Franchises - Passion for sports is a global phenomenon. The businesses featured in our comprehensive directory of sports franchises have tapped into that passion. If you love sports and want to start a business, these franchise opportunities are perfect for you.
  • Sports Restaurant Franchises - Combine your love for sports with your love for entrepreneurship. This comprehensive directory of sports restaurant franchises can get you on the fast track to owning your own sports bar / restaurant.
  • Tanning Franchises - Did you know that more than 28 million Americans tan indoors, according to industry estimates? Tanning franchises let you get in on this hot market!
  • Tax Preparation Franchises - Interested in opening a tax preparation franchise? Smart move. Income tax franchises provide a world of opportunity to ambitious entrepreneurs like you.
  • Telecommunications Franchises - If you've always wanted to be a business owner, but enjoy the stability of being part of an established company, you just might find the perfect business opportunity in our list of telecommunications franchises.
  • Textile Repair Franchises - Restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, carpeting, and plastics in the automotive, commercial, residential, and furniture markets is a big business. This comprehensive directory of textile repair franchises can quickly make you an industry insider.
  • Training and Education Franchises - Training franchises and education franchises are booming. The businesses featured in our comprehensive directory of training and education franchises represent excellent opportunities for both new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners.
  • Travel and Leisure Franchises - If you're searching for a franchise that makes good business sense and affords an opportunity to see the world and enjoy life, you just might find the perfect business opportunity in our list of travel and leisure franchises
  • Vending Franchises - Convenience sells, and vending machines and convenience go hand in hand. If you've always wanted to be a business owner, but want the benefits of partnering with an established company, you just might find the perfect business opportunity in our list of vending franchises.
  • Video and DVD Rental Franchises - Renting videos and DVDs is something that nearly every consumer does. This comprehensive directory of video rental franchises and DVD rental franchises lets you profit from the strong demand for videos and DVDs.
  • Video and Photography Franchises - Think about all the opportunities in this market -- portrait photographers, school photographers, home photographers, passport photographers, video photographers. To learn more about starting a video business or photography business, browse our comprehensive directory of video and photography franchises.
  • Wedding Franchises - We've got wedding consulting franchises, wedding video franchises, bridal gown retail franchises and more. Check it out!
  • Wine Franchises - Wine franchises are all the rage. The market is mega-big. Nearly 20 billion bottles of wine are produced every year!

Alphabetical Franchise Directory

  • Franchise Opportunities - We've created a comprehensive franchise directory, with detailed information on hundreds of franchises. If you are considering buying a franchise, check out these great franchise opportunities.

SBA Franchise Loans

  • Find SBA Franchise Lenders - Search our LoanCensus.com database of SBA franchise loans. Find out which lenders are giving loans for your franchise.




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