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Business plan. A plan for the business. Learn how to write a business plan and what constitutes a good business plan. Check out sample business plans, business plan templates, small business plan advice, and business plan software reviews. If it has to do with business planning, we've got you covered!

Business Plan

  • Business Plan Purpose. What is a business plan? What is the purpose of a business plan? Why are business plans important? We've got answers to all your questions about business plans and business planning. (12 articles)
  • Writing a Business Plan. Planning is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. Proper planning is needed for success in business and, for that matter, anything you do in life. (23 articles)
  • Business Plan Executive Summaries. Reading the business plan executive summary is a critical part of evaluating a business plan. We offer tips for writing an executive summary that will transform a good executive summary into a great executive summary. (7 articles)
  • Business Plan Company Overview. The business plan company summary discusses the company history to date, where the company is going and how it plans on getting there. This is your chance to explain why your company matters and what its near-term and long-term goals are. (5 articles)
  • Business Plan Management Team. Business ideas are dime a dozen. Great business management teams that can execute on a business idea are what really makes the world go round. In these articles, we drill down on the management team section of the business plan, discussing what constitutes a good managment team and how to present your company management team in the best possible light. (8 articles)
  • Business Plan Market Analysis. Business plan market analysis covers a description of your target markets and why they will buy from you. This business plan section also should include a thorough competitive analysis, including a discussion on market share. (4 articles)

  • Business Plan Financials. Putting together business plan financials? We've gathered tips, spreadsheets, samples, and templates that will help you create a great business plan financial section, including historical financials and financial projections. (6 articles)
  • Business Plan Investment Description. If you are using a business plan to raise money, make sure you clearly explain what you are asking of investors and how you expect they will reap the rewards of their investment in your company. (4 articles)
  • Business Plan Presentations. Experts say business plan presentations are in many ways more important than business plan contents. When given the chance to present a business plan to potential investors or other key constituents, these tips will help you make the most of the opportunity. (7 articles)
  • Business Plan Template. Need a free business plan template? We offer free business plan templates for small business owners and new entrepreneurs. (1 article)
  • Sample Business Plans. This is your one-stop shop for sample business plans. We pay top-dollar for business plan samples and then we give them away for free! (1 article)
  • Outsourced Business Plan Writing. Should you outsource a business plan? There are pros and cons to outsourcing business plan writing. We take a look at how to use third-party business plan writers effectively. (6 articles)
  • Business Planning Software. Business planning software is worth buying. Good business plan software can accelerate the business plan preparation and improve a business plan. Remember, however, that software for creating a business plan won't do the work for you. A business plan software package is an aid, not a solution in and of itself. (5 articles)
  • Business Plan Contest. Looking for a list of business plan contests? Want tips on how to win a business plan contest? If it's related to business plan contests, we'll cover it here, and if we're missing something, please let us know. (4 articles)




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