August 6, 2020  
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Forming a business as a legal entity is a smart move, but the possibilities are nearly endless. We take a look at the various legal entities, from sole proprietorships to corporations, and help you choose the best form of legal entity for your business.

Forming a Legal Entity

  • Forming a Company. Interested in setting up a company or corporation? If you are selling goods or services, you ought to consider forming a corporation or limited liability company for your business activities. (5 articles)
  • Limiting Business Liabilities. A major benefit of forming a legal entity for a business is to limit business liabilities and prevent them from becoming personal liabilities. Learn how to choose an organizational form for your business that provides limited liability protection. (7 articles)
  • Sole Proprietorships. Is owning a sole proprietorship the right way to go for your business? We discuss the pros and cons of choosing a sole proprietorship as a form of business organization for your company. (6 articles)
  • Partnerships. Forming a business partnership allows two or more individuals to share in the ownership of a business. In our articles on business partnerships, we take a look at this popular form of business entity. (8 articles)
  • Incorporating. Incorporating a business offers many advantages but there are some disadvantages that should not be neglected. These articles cover the nuances of business corporation, offering in-depth discussion on all aspects of forming a corporation. (10 articles)
  • Incorporation Resources By State. If you've decided to incorporate, we've got the information you need to make it happen. Our incorporation resources are state-specific, so first decide on which state you want to incorporate in and then use our resources to form your corporation. (52 articles)

  • C Corp. To C Corp or not to C Corp? That is the question. C corps are the most common form of incorporation. We examine the pros and cons of forming a C Corporation. (6 articles)
  • S Corp. S corporations are corporations that elect to be taxed in accordance with Subchapter S rules of the U.S. tax code. The income passes through to shareholders, thus avoiding double taxation. (6 articles)
  • LLCs. Limited liability companies, or LLCs, are the fastest growing business legal form. An LLC offers the limited liability protection that a corporation does, but it comes with considerably more flexibility. We discuss how to form an LLC and the many benefits of forming an LLC. (9 articles)
  • NonProfit Formation. Nonprofit organizations that prioritize doing good over making profits still need to form a legal entity. Learn how to setup a non-profit corporation. We cover everything from nonprofit articles of incorporation to how to form a nonprofit corporation online. (7 articles)
  • Operating a Corporation. There are strict rules that must be followed when operating a corporation. Failure to operate a corporation in accordance with state and federal laws can jeopardize limited liability protection, allowing creditors to pierce the corporate veil. We take a look at the requirements for running a company that has been formed as a corporation. (7 articles)
  • Registered Agents. Registered agents are required by many states for various forms of legal entity structure. We take a look at the role of registered agents, including: What's the purpose of a registered agent? How much do registered agents cost? Can you change registered agents? (6 articles)
  • ESOP. ESOPs, or employee stock ownership plans, have become very popular. Find out how an ESOP works and why companies are increasingly giving employees ownership and opting to become ESOP companies. (7 articles)
  • Incorporating Abroad. Want to form an offshore company? Thinking about setting up a company in Canada, India, China or anywhere in between? If so, our articles on incorporating abroad are a must read! (7 articles)




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