August 2, 2020  

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The relationship between your business strategy and your ability to attract new customers is a critically important one. Make sure your business strategy is designed to facilitate new customer acquisition.

Business Strategies and Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Development Strategy - Customer development, the process of using customer feedback to help you define and develop your product, is an often times overlooked, yet critical business strategy that is an imperative process to include in any product development roadmap.
  • Sales Growth Trap - Is increased sales always necessary for a business? Learn how constantly increasing sales for your company is not always a good thing.
  • Charge for Your Service or Make it Free? - Digital information along with the internet has forever changed consumer expectation of how we pay (or donít pay) for digital goods and services. Whether your business is internet based or not, deciding whether to charge for a product or service could be the biggest decision for your business.
  • Customer Acquisition and Product Distribution Strategies - Customer acquisition and distribution channels are vital for a business to succeed, yet many entrepreneurs do not factor these channels into their strategy. The "build it and they will come" mentality has been proven time and time again. Knowing how to build a customer acquisition and distribution channel will help your businesses avoid the trap that others fall victim to.




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