August 9, 2020  

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ERP software used to cost millions of dollars. These days ERP software for small and middle market businesses is surprisingly affordable. Before you buy ERP software, though, take the time to learn about ERP software features, the different ERP software companies, and how to make the most of a small business ERP software package.

Enterprise Resource Planning  Software

  • ERP Selection Methods - ERP systems can be costly to implement. As such, when choosing an ERP system, it is important that you take time to select the right ERP system or set of modules for your business.
  • Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - This article will briefly summarize the major concepts that comprise enterprise resource planning. These concepts can be applied to business applications ranging from the large to small.
  • ERP: Build or Buy - There are several options when dealing with the purchase of an ERP system. This article briefly discusses different options and how they might benefit your small business.
  • ERP Modules - This article briefly goes over the idea of modules as they relate to enterprise resource planning. These modules can help provide lower cost alternatives to a complete system.




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