August 12, 2020  

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Exit planning is the most important thing that business owners forget to do. Given the importance of exit planning, it's amazing how many entrepreneurs wait until it's too late to put a viable business transition plan in place.

Exit Planning

  • Pre-Exit Employee Incentive Programs - Exit planner Ted Thomas offers some excellent business planning advice on pre-exit employee incentive programs.
  • Family Business Exit Plans - Own a family business? Exit planning is especially important for family businesses.
  • Why Most Businesses Do Not Have Exit Plans - If you want to successfully exit your business, it's imperative that you take exit planning seriously and approach it with the same energy and discipline that you bring to other areas of your business.
  • Why Hire an Exit Planning Consultant - Why hire an exit planning consultant? Owners of privately held businesses inevitably face the issue of transitioning the business to a new owner. Should they go it alone or hire an exit planning consultant?
  • Does Your StartUp Need an Exit Plan? - It's hard enough to plan and accurately forecast the financial projections for a start-up, which is why so little weight is often put on the actual business plan presented to venture capital firms. However, a common question and potential problem faced by entrepreneurs, is the exit plan. Venture Capitalists and investors want to know what their expected rate of return will be on their investment which means that you'll need to know not only what your exit strategy will be, but when it will occur.
  • Life After Selling a Business - Selling a company? Before you sell, it's a good idea to create a plan for your life after you sell your business. This is a much better strategy than simply selling and then starting to figure out what you want to do next.




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