August 9, 2020  
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Limited liability companies, or LLCs, are the fastest growing business legal form. An LLC offers the limited liability protection that a corporation does, but it comes with considerably more flexibility. We discuss how to form an LLC and the many benefits of forming an LLC.


  • LLC Advantages - The LLC, a relatively new form of business organization, is growing in popularity. So what are the LLC advantages that are making it so popular?
  • How to Form an LLC - Having a Limited Liability Company (LLC) means being able to limit your personal liabilities and is worth the time, effort, and the money to establish this business structure. But what is the procedure?
  • Single Member LLC - Small business owners love Single Member LLCs. The IRS? Not so much. They treat Single Member LLCs as "disregarded" entities. So what's the real deal with Single Member LLCs?
  • LLC Member Roles, Rules and Obligations - A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legitimate and potentially valuable business structure. But what does it really mean to be a member of an LLC? We cover the roles, rules and obligations that apply to LLC members.
  • LLC Dissolution - All good things eventually come to end, including your LLC. But LLC dissolution has a few twists and turns that differentiate it from the dissolution of a corporation or general partnership. We've got the information you need to emerge from the LLC dissolution process with your assets (and your sanity) intact.
  • Forming an LLC Online - LLCs are popular small business startups and there's no shortage of companies willing to help you form an LLC online. It's quick, convenient -- and potentially dangerous if you don't know what to look for. Here are the benefits and features we think you should look for when forming an LLC online.

  • LLC Formalities, Requirements and Expenses - Forming an LLC involves paperwork and expense, but sadly that's just the beginning. LCC maintenance is an ongoing process that never seems to end. We discuss your LLC obligations and the LLC fees you are likely to incur for years to come.
  • Limited Liability Companies - Limited liability companies (LLCs) have a lot of advantages. But there are also some drawbacks you need to know about. We'll break down the pros and cons of limited liability companies so you can decide whether an LLC structure is right for your business.
  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement - LLCs are popular with business owners because they are hybrid business structures. But before you pull the trigger on an LLC, make sure you understand the importance of a limited liability company operating agreement.




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