August 11, 2020  

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Leadership styles vary from leader to leader. Although there are many leadership styles to choose from, recognize that a style of leadership that works in one organization may fail miserably in another organization.

Leadership Styles

  • Managing Personalities by Mastering You - If you can understand the different types of personalities people have, it makes it much simpler to communicate with and manage them. This article examines the four common personalities as defined by Gordon McFarlane, an author and motivational speaker on leadership, sales and relationships.
  • Leadership and the Cynefin Framework - Adaptability is a key characteristic of being a successful leader. A person who seeks to be an entrepreneur cannot just be a follower, but must be a person of authority who will make important decisions to shape the future of the company. Of course, certain leaders are more adept at specific situations. This article is an overview of a case study from the Harvard Business Review by David J. Snowden and Mary E. Moore.
  • Give Your Business a Sporting Chance Using Athletesí Strategies - Establish a coach/athlete relationship in the world of business management and watch your team go for gold.
  • Top Down Management - Your management style plays a big role in whether your business will succeed or fail. You can be an inclusive manager or a top-down manager. Which is more effective? It depends.




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