August 6, 2020  
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Local marketing spans everything from door-to-door flyer distribution to sponsoring community events, from advertising in the local newspaper to getting active in your local chamber of commerce. If getting local customers is important to you, you'll find some great marketing ideas here that are focused exclusively on growing your local customer base.

Local Marketing

  • Sponsoring Local Events - Looking for small business marketing ideas? Sponsoring community events can be an excellent way to build goodwill in your community.
  • Using Door Hanger for Local Marketing - Look into the usage of door hangers as a marketing tool for your business. Learn about the benefits of using it to advertise your business locally.
  • How to Make a Chamber of Commerce Membership Work for your Business - If you have ever wondered just how to make best use of a chamber of commerce membership, wonder no more. This article lists specific things you can do to make sure your chamber membership works for your and your business.
  • Local Marketing - Depending on where you want to start your own business, sometimes it is more helpful to market locally first before pursuing broad market strategies. This is especially true in towns that maybe represent more of Main Street than Wall Street and where people tend to know each other more.
  • 4 Superb Ideas For Flyers - Flyers are usually discarded even without a second glance. Do you think businesses can get anything out of their advertising campaigns using flyers at all? Here are four superb ideas you can use for your Flyers:
  • Business Mascot Costumes - Do you have to dress as a giant hamburger to steal the limelight from your competitors? Whacky publicity stunts can sometimes damage a company's reputation. So read this before you don that penguin suit and perform a fish catching act in the local shopping precinct.

  • Company Mascots - Clown-a-phobes might not think Ronald McDonald has appeal, but that didn't stop the burger chain using the clown as their mascot. With mascots you need to appeal to the masses, not the few -- but that's sometimes easier said than done.
  • Going Local: Consumer Preferences for Local Small Businesses - Worried that consumers are skipping over your local small business for other shopping opportunities? According to a recent survey, localized SMBs may be positioned to achieve gains in today's economy.




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