August 5, 2020  
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Thinking about advertising in magazines? We walk you through how to buy magazine ads, how to design a good magazine ad, and what it costs to buy magazine advertising.

Magazine Ads

  • Advertising in Magazines - This article provides a primer on magazine advertising: it's a must-read before you jump into your first magazine ad campaign!
  • Magazine Advertising Rates - Advertising in magazines? If so, this list of publications and our estimates on magazine advertising rates should come in very handy!
  • 5 Things You Forgot To Put On Your Magazine Advertisements - While there are folks who would sit down and read magazines, most others just browse. Either way, you could capture their attention with an ad on magazines. However, most business owners are missing out on the nitty-gritty. Want to see how?
  • Magazine Ad Buying Advice for Business Owners - Running ads in magazines sounds like a great way to get exposure for your business. Maybe it is . . . and maybe it isn't. Here's what business owners need to know before they drop a bundle on magazine ads.
  • Tracking Magazine Ad Performance - Have you ever wondered what kind of ROI you're getting from those pricey magazine ads? The only way to answer that question is to learn how to effectively track magazine ad performance.
  • Good Advice Regarding Advertising In Magazines - You've heard that regional and national magazine ads are one of the most overrated forms of advertising. But sometimes, the right magazine ad can be a highly productive marketing medium. Here's what you need to know about advertising in magazines.




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