August 14, 2020  
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Sweepstakes and contests offer an excellent way to raise awareness and drive customer actions. Having said that, there are quite a few things to consider before you launch marketing contests and sweepstakes.

Marketing Sweepstakes and Contests

  • Conducting Sweepstakes Promotions - Sweepstakes promotions are a great way to increase your marketing visibility and obtain sales leads. Before you conduct a sweepstakes, read this article. There's a lot to know and think about. Most importantly, don't conduct an illegal lottery!
  • Marketing Sweepstakes - Have you ever thought about using sweepstakes as a marketing tactic? If you haven't, maybe you should . . . But before you announce your Grand Prize, here are a couple of things you'll want to consider.
  • Software for Running Online Contests - Online contests are a great way to engage prospects and customers. As a way to make your contest run a little easier, you may want to think about using software for running online contests. Here are the key features you'll want to look for in a software solution.
  • Sweepstakes Administration Companies - Can you execute a marketing sweepstakes promotion on your own? You can try -- if you're a glutton for punishment. It's a much better idea to partner with a sweepstakes administration company. Here are a few attributes of good sweepstakes administration companies you'll want to look for.
  • Marketing Contests - Why are marketing contests so popular? If they are designed properly, they can be a great way to raise awareness and attract new customers. Here are a few things to consider when designing marketing contests for your small or medium-sized business.
  • Marketing Contest Ideas - Coming up with good marketing contest ideas can be hard. But don't worry--we've got you covered with a quick list of marketing contests you can turn to when you're in a pinch.




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