August 6, 2020  
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Launching a new product? A new product launch can make or break a company. We explain how to write a product launch plan and make the most of your product launches.

Product Launches

  • Implementing a New Product - Launching a new product? This article discusses some of the difficulties of implementing a new product, as well as how to make it a more successful process.
  • Avoiding Bad Product Launches - Launching a new product? Take the time to get the product launch right. You only get one shot at glory. Don't waste it.
  • Successful Product Launch Planning - Thanks to the dynamics of modern day business the launch of new products and services is an all too common but vital phenomena. Doing this correctly requires the use of a product launch plan or indeed a concept of the same. What are the various stages that must be followed and what do these entail?
  • When to Launch Your Product - Mega companies can afford to delay product launches and release endless streams of beta editions. They have deep pockets and can take the punch until they perfect the product. Ideally, a start-up too would wish to perfect its product until they are assured that it can sweep the market off its feet. But there is an implicit cost associated with delay: missed market opportunity.
  • Take Product To Market - You've got a killer idea for a new product. But to take product to market you need a plan starting with our step-by-step strategy for moving your product from an idea to a marketplace reality.
  • Guerrilla Marketing for Product Launches - Guerrilla marketing tactics offer a nontraditional venue for launching products on a shoestring budget. But it takes more than an off-the-wall promotional concept to pull off an effective guerrilla marketing campaign.




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