August 14, 2020  
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  • Mistake-Proof Your Operation - By mistake-proofing your Operation you can make it difficult for defects to get passed on to the customer. With reduced defects you'll find your quality and customer service levels both increasing.
  • Quality Control Management - Quality control does not get as much attention as it should with small businesses. The level of quality embedded in your system greatly determines how you are perceived in the market and how well your profit margins are doing. By embracing quality control as a primary issue, small businesses can gain significant improvements in these areas.
  • Quality Management Systems - Quality improvement starts with a good quality management system. If you are serious about improving quality, reading our article on quality management systems is a great first step.
  • Improving Product Quality - Companies that use a number of suppliers for the same material may be jeopardizing their quality. Whether multiple suppliers are used because of planning issues or a low-cost approach, the negative ramifications can be tremendous. Consistent materials are a necessary component of good quality control.
  • Planning for Quality - When designing a new product or process, build quality control into the design. By addressing quality issues early in the development process, you can avoid many headaches down the road.
  • Jidokas - Jidoka is the Japanese term for lantern. Jidokas alert managers of problems before they occur. Learn more about Jidokas in the following article.




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