August 9, 2020  
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Buy radio spots and watch your ad dollars turn into new customers and growing revenues. We cover everything from the basics of radio advertising to radio ad pricing to advanced techniques for advertising on the radio.

Radio Advertising

  • Radio Ads - What makes for an effective radio ad? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when creating a radio ad to promote your wares.
  • Radio Advertising Mistakes to Avoid - It's a shame to spend money on radio advertising and receive a poor return for your efforts. But unfortunately, that's what thousands of businesses do everyday. Avoid these common radio advertising mistakes and get on the path to radio advertising success.
  • Radio Advertising Best Practices - Ineffective radio ads are a dime a dozen. To be successful, you need to take your radio advertising to a new level. These radio advertising best practices will help you make the most of your radio advertising budget.
  • Tips for Creating Effective Radio Ads - You know a good radio advertisement when you hear it, but what distinguishes a good radio ad from a bad one? These tips for creating effective radio ads will ensure that your company's radio ads get the job done.
  • Radio Ad Effectiveness Checklist - Is your ad ready for the airwaves? Before you put your radio ad on the air, you'll want to review these questions to make sure your radio ad is as effective as possible and that it meets your radio advertising objectives.
  • Buying Radio Ads - How much does radio advertising cost? Are the costs of radio ads worth the money? Many companies have used radio ads to transform their businesses. Is buying radio ads right for you and can you afford it?

  • Using Music In Radio Ads - The right music can make or break a radio ad. But you can't just throw any music you like into your spot. There are laws that dictate what music you can and can't use. Here's what you need to know about using music in radio ads.
  • Sponsoring a Public Radio Station - Learn how public radio underwriting sponsorship can enhance your company's brand awareness and make potential customers aware of your offerings.

Radio Advertising Rate Information

  • Radio Advertising Rates - Our estimates of radio advertising rates can be helpful to anyone who is building a radio advertising plan and budget. Always call the radio stations to get accurate, up-to-date radio advertising costs!




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