August 14, 2020  
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Employee retention should be a top priority for every business owner. After all, it's tough to find good employees, so, once you've got them, make sure you keep them. We take a look at what companies can do to retain good employees.

Retaining Employees

  • How to Save Money While Keeping Your Best Employees - With small businesses, retaining and attracting the best possible employees is critical for long-term success. You may not have the financial capital available to offer your employees a lot of money, so you have to get creative in order to keep your best workers.
  • How to Keep Talented Employees - Mediocre employees are nothing but a waste of time. These tips will help you keep the most talented team of employees, who will bring nothing but success to your company.
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is Important - What role does emotional intelligence play in retention? What are the things you can do to make this work to your advantage to have a thoroughbred company?
  • Do Your Employees Think You're Great? - You can try to rule your employees with an iron fist. Then you'll wonder why productivity is low and turnover is high. Or you can invest in your employees and build their loyalty. Here are some ways to accomplish this.
  • Secrets to Employee Retention - Keeping talented workers is important for a small business. These are some things that companies do in order to keep their talented workforce in house.
  • 6 Must-Do Activities to Retain Your Employees - Small businesses often tend to forget the importance of keeping their employees happy because they are too focussed on business results. Employees need to feel that their contribution to work is valuable and that the company cares about their personal welfare as well. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your employees stick with you.

  • Retention Through Personality-Typing - How can understanding personalities help in retention of employees? This has been a topic of much research and here's what you can do as an employer to accommodate the different types of people.
  • Employee Career Planner Kit - Career development is a responsibility that is shared by employers and their employees. An employee career planner kit provides your company with a ready-made resource for helping your workers achieve their career enrichment goals.




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