July 3, 2020  

Risk Management Strategies


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Small business ownership is an inherently risky venture. Derivatives and other strategies can mitigate your exposure to risk -- and we'll tell you all about them in our Risk Management Strategies section.

Risk Management Strategies

  • Operational Risk - Risk faces your business every day that it is in operation. Managing this risk can prove to be one of the more important tasks that you face. Modern techniques can help you better understand what sort of decisions you should be prepared to make.
  • Energy Derivatives - Energy trading and energy derivatives may seem like a strange concept to some. We offer an explanation of how energy derivatives work and the role they play in risk management.
  • Credit Default Swaps - If somebody asked you what credit default swaps are, would you know the answer? This article offers an excellent primer on credit default swaps.
  • Economic Derivatives - Sophisticated entrepreneurs hedge business risk by using financial instruments called derivatives. We take a look at how economic derivatives can protect entrepreneurs from drastic changes in a country's economic climate.
  • Introduction to Risk and Return - We provide a brief introduction to the concept of risk and return. After reading this article, you will have a good understanding of the risk-return relationship.
  • Weather Derivatives - Derivatives are a type of financial instrument whose value is derived (hence the name of the security) on some sort of underlying asset or value. Derivatives can be used to hedge against an existing investment or be used to function as a form of insurance. This article focuses on weather derivatives.

  • Freight Derivatives - Freight derivatives are growing in popularity as companies rush to hedge against dramatically rising or falling freight rates.
  • Insurance Derivatives - Insurance derivatives are financial instruments in which the value is determined by the performance of an underlying insurance risk or asset.
  • Risk Management - Risk management needs to be integrated into every facet of your operations. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have the luxury of being able to implement these systems at ground level. Learn why your small business should be concerned with risk now.
  • Inflation Derivatives - Should your business be purchasing inflation derivatives? In this article, we explain what inflation derivatives are and why buying inflation derivatives might be a smart move.




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