August 14, 2020  
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S corporations are corporations that elect to be taxed in accordance with Subchapter S rules of the U.S. tax code. The income passes through to shareholders, thus avoiding double taxation.

S Corp

  • Subchapter S Corporations - Is an S corporation the right corporate structure for your business? Read this article to find out if a Subchapter S designation makes sense for you and your business.
  • S Corp Advantages - S corps are the most popular form of small business incorporation. As an entrepreneur you have a lot of good reasons to explore the possibility of transitioning to an S corps business structure -- including our list of S corp advantages.
  • S Corp Disadvantages - S corps offer several benefits for small business owners. But as great as S corps seem, they're not perfect. Before you start drawing up the paperwork to convert your company to an S corps, there are a few S corps disadvantages that are worth thinking about.
  • S Corp Dividend Versus S Corp Salary - Is there a difference between S corp dividend income and S corp salary? You better believe there is -- and the auditors at the IRS are interested in making sure you know what it is. Here's the info you need to stay on the IRS' good side.
  • S Corps vs. C Corps vs. LLCs - Although S corps and C corps and LLCs may seem similar, they are unique business structures with vastly different consequences for your business. If you don't understand the nuances, you can quickly find yourself in over your head.
  • How To Dissolve An S Corporation - An S corp structure can be a big plus for a business. But when it's time to dissolve it, an S corp can also be a big pain in the . . . you get the picture. Whether you own an S corp now or plan to own one in the future, you will eventually need to know how to dissolve an S corporation.




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