August 14, 2020  
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Strategic investors will invest in your company if they see potential benefits that go beyond simply earning a return on investment. Getting corporate investors who make a strategic investment in your firm is a signal to other investors that your business has merit and might eventually be an acquisition candidate for a large company.

Strategic Investor

  • Strategic Investors - Who needs venture capitalists, angel investors, or friends and family investors? Strategic investors give you money.and much more than that.
  • Why Strategic Investors Are an Attractive Form of Investment - Strategic investors aren't right for every business. But for the right companies, strategic investors are an attractive option for attracting capital resources and creating a win-win business strategy.
  • What Strategic Investors Look For - Strategic investors can be a great way to stir up capital for your business. But many strategic investors are picky about their investment vehicles. Here's what strategic investors look for -- and how you can make your business attractive to larger companies.
  • Common Mistakes When Working With Strategic Investors - Strategic investment has the potential to bring capital and opportunities pouring into your company. But here's the catch: Strategic investment is also a lot trickier to pull off than other forms of investment. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid when working with strategic investors.
  • Developing a List of Potential Strategic Investors - Strategic investors can provide a great source of revenue for your company. But which strategic investors might be willing to invest in your business? We'll tell you how to create a target list of potential strategic investors.
  • Strategic Investment Examples - You understand the concept of strategic investment, but what does it look like in real life? Here are a couple of examples of successful strategic investments and a description of the benefits for both parties.




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