August 6, 2020  

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One of the main outputs of business strategy creation is defining a company's strategic position. Sounds simple enough, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

Strategic Positioning

  • Analyzing Your Strategic Position - Many small business owners get caught up in the day to day tasks required to run the company. While focusing on internal problems is critical, make sure you take time to analyze your strategic position and external environment. By periodically analyzing your company's strategic situation you can better position your company for long term success.
  • Understanding Your Strategic Position - Organizations are not isolated entities but operate in the context of an external environment. It is therefore imperative to not only evaluate oneself on an absolute scale but more so in relation with what is happening on the exterior.
  • What Is Strategic Position? - What is strategic positioning? If strategy defines the lens through which all company decisions are assessed, then a company's strategic position is simply the view of a company that results from their strategy-driven decision making.
  • Strategic Position Analysis - Wondering how to analyze a company's strategic position? Here are a few tips to help you perform a strategic position analysis and identify which strategic position makes sense going forward.
  • Strategic Position Assessment - Assessing whether a company has achieved its desired strategic positioning is a relatively simple exercise. But along the way, there are several mistakes you'll need to avoid if you want to accurately evaluate the company's strategic position and performance.
  • Factors Influencing The Strategic Position of a Business - You know that defining strategic positioning is important for your business, but what factors should be considered when developing strategic positions?




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