August 14, 2020  
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Ready to tap into the power of testimonial marketing? Customer testimonials are a proven way to promote a business and accelerate sales cycles. Find how to get customers to give testimonials that will drive your business to new heights!

Testimonial Marketing

  • Tips for Strengthening Your Customer Testimonials - You've got a customer on the hook for a testimonial and now they're asking you for guidance about what to write. Without writing the testimonial for them, here a few to help your customers write more effective testimonials.
  • Six Tips for Getting Customer Testimonials - Getting customer testimonials can be the key to unlocking your business potential. Here are a six time-tested moves to add to your marketing repertoire that will help you get the most out of customer testimonials.
  • Marketing with Customer Testimonials - Why are customer testimonials such a popular promotional tool for small businesses? Because they get results. If you're not marketing with customer testimonials in your business, you should be. Here's how to get started.
  • Fake Testimonials - For some entrepreneurs, fake testimonials are as good as the real thing. But as tempting as it seems to create your own testimonials for your products and services, it's a line you definitely don't want to cross.
  • How to Get Quality Testimonials - Testimonials work, but only if you use them. This article will help you understand what quality testimonials look like and how to get them from satisfied clients and use them to help build your business.
  • Incentivizing Client Referrals - The most sought-after type of marketing is word-of-mouth referrals. And there are ways to encourage these referrals for your business. Here are some suggestions on how to incentivize client referrals




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