October 27, 2020  

Thin Clients


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Thin client computing is all the rage. Find out how smart companies are avoiding the pitfalls of owning desktop computers by replacing their PCs with thin client computers.

Thin Clients

  • What Is a Thin Client? - Outside of the IT world, thin client computers remain an enigma. Some people describe thin clients as little more than dumb computers, but today's thin client solutions are much more than an underpowered PC.
  • Business Situations That Warrant Thin Client Computing - Is thin client technology right for your organization? Maybe . . . and maybe not. Although you'll need to make up your own mind about thin client computers, here are some common business situations that may warrant thin client computing.
  • Zero Clients - Even thinner than thin clients, the hot new thing is "zero client" computing. But is zero client technology just a passing buzzword or will zero clients soon take the business world by storm?
  • Role of Thin Client Computers in the Retail Industry - Multi-store retailers have been embracing thin client computers for years. We give you the critical information you need about the role client computing plays in the retail industry and tell you how it can benefit your retail operation.
  • Pros and Cons of Mobile Thin Client Computers - Giving your road warriors thin client computers can alleviate your information security worries. But it can also create some unique challenges you might not be prepared to deal with. Don't take the leap until you understand the pros and cons of mobile thin client computing.




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