August 7, 2020  

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The key to making your company profitable is analyzing the time and attendance trends of your employees. HR software that tracks time and attendance will help you analyze what projects and people are helping to make your company a success. We've taken a look at the companies, packages and options available to you to track time and attendance. Also, learn about how to best implement these time and attendance software programs to get the most from your HR software product.

Time & Attendance

  • Time & Attendance System Basics - Employee time management is a necessary, but cumbersome part of small business ownership. Time & attendance system software automates the process with features that are designed to reduce unnecessary labor costs and create a more efficient work environment.
  • Time & Attendance System Benefits - If you're still relying on old-fashioned log sheets or mechanical time clocks to record your employees' time and attendance, you're missing out on some important benefits that are available with modern time & attendance system technology.
  • Time & Attendance System Features - Looking for a better way to record your workers' time and attendance? Time & attendance system software is capable of delivering time- and cost-saving features that integrate with many of the HR applications that already exist in your company.
  • Time & Attendance System Vendors - A first-rate time & attendance software solution can simplify your business and deliver a new level of precision to HR functions. But if you don't know what to look for, you could settle for a vendor with a product line that will soon be outdated and unmanageable.
  • Time & Attendance System Costs - No doubt about it, time & attendance system software can save money for your company. But to maximize your ROI, you need to know how vendors and dealers price their products and how your company can shave dollars off the total cost of their products.
  • eBillity Review - My attempts to use eBillity time tracking resulted in some serious frustration. This Quickbooks time tracking solution isn't quite ready for prime time.




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