August 12, 2020  

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Has your business secured all of its trademarks? If not, you'll want to read our articles on trademarks to understand how you can protect these valuable company assets.


  • Service Marks - Service marks let you distinguish your services from the services offered by others. If you've given your service a great name and want to protect that name from being used by others, you've got to read this article on service marks.
  • How to File a Trademark Application - Wondering how to file a trademark application? Thanks to the Internet it's now easier than ever to file your trademark application.
  • Protecting Service Marks - Service marks are like trademarks, except that a service mark is used by a person or entity to identify services rendered or offered and to distinguish them from the services rendered or offered by another person.
  • Trademark Searches - A trademark search is designed to uncover other pre-existing trademarks that have the potential to conflict with your name.
  • Do I Need A Trademark? - Trademarks take time and resources to acquire. So does your business really need a trademark? Only if you're interested in protected your brand identity in the marketplace.
  • How Much Does A Trademark Cost - The cost of trademark registration is often outweighed by the financial benefits. Even so, a trademark isn't cheap, so you'll need to know how much it's going to cost your company before you start the process.

  • How Do I Sue Someone For Trademark Infringement? - Your trademark has real economic value to your business. So on what basis can you sue someone for trademark infringement and what are the strategies you can employ to reinforce your ownership of the mark?
  • Hiring a Trademark Lawyer - You've established that a trademark is an essential part of your business plan. But what's your next step? If you're smart, it could be hiring a trademark lawyer.
  • How Long Does It Take To Get A Trademark? - The length of time it takes to obtain a trademark can range from several years to no time at all. If that sounds confusing, read on . . .
  • Filing Your Trademark Online - Federal trademark registration is a critical step for many companies. In an attempt to streamline the process, the U.S. Patent & Trade Office now lets you file your trademark online. Here's what you need to know . . .




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