August 6, 2020  

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We've got the latest trends in business sales. If you want to know what's happening in the business-for-sale market and get access to business-for-sale statistics, you've come to the right place!

Trends In Business Sales

  • Baby Boomer Retirement and Businesses for Sale - With baby boomer business owners retiring at an accelerating rate, the number of businesses for sale is rising and, as a result, prices are dropping. That's great news for buyers. Here are the implications for sellers.
  • Is Now a Good Time to Sell a Business? - Thinking about selling a business? First Quarter 2009 national data recently released from suggests that it's a tough time to sell, but deals are still getting done.
  • Q1 2009 Business Valuation Trends By City - How much is my business worth? It's a question we hear often from business owners. Fortunately, we've got some business valuation trend data for Q1 2009 that lets you know what business are selling for. This data is provided to us by
  • Fewer Businesses Were Sold in Second Quarter 2009 - Business-for-sale trend data for Second Quarter 2009 suggests that the down economy is taking its toll on exit strategies for small business owners.
  • Second Quarter 2009 Business Valuation Data by City - What are small businesses selling for in your area? This business valuation trend data for Q2 2009, provided by, will give you some perspective on local business valuations.
  • Improving Business-for-Sale Market in Third Quarter 2009 - The latest business valuation data for Third Quarter 2009 suggests that business-for-sale transactions have begun to increase after hitting bottom in recent months.

  • Third Quarter 2009 Business Valuation Data by City - The business-for-sale marketplace stalled out during the recession. But new Third Quarter 2009 data suggests that things may have bottomed out and are now on an upswing. Check out the business valuation trends for your city and see what businesses are selling for in your town.




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