August 12, 2020  
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Real estate taxes are a large protion of real estate expenses. Real estate investors should read these articles to learn about tax issues before building or investing in real estate.

Understanding Real Estate Taxes

  • Appealing Property Taxes on Commercial Real Estate - Property taxes can be a big concern for the entrepreneur real estate owner. They vary widely by location, but no matter where you live you have a mechanism to appeal those onerous taxes. Here’s a guide to figuring out how to handle that appeal.
  • Tax Increment Financing for the Real Estate Entrepreneur - If you are looking to develop property in a blighted area of your town, you should look into the possibilities for tax increment financing (TIF). Here we discuss some of the aspects of tax increment financing and how it can help get your next development off the ground.
  • 1031 Exchanges - If you are looking to expand your real estate holdings you should be aware of the options afforded you under USC 1031 which allows for a tax-free exchange of properties under certain circumstances.




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