August 9, 2020  

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What's a patent worth? How much is a trademark worth? We take a look at the fast-growing discipline of intellectual property valuation.

Value of Intellectual Property

  • Valuing Intellectual Property - How much is a patent worth? How much is a trademark or service mark worth? Whatever you can get for it -- that's the easy answer.
  • Intellectual Property Valuation - How much is intellectual property worth? In this article, we provide a useful overview of intellectual property valuation.
  • How Much Is My Website Worth? - Website valuation models are a hot topic with website owners. So, how much is a website worth anyway? We've got the answer.
  • Intellectual Property Auctions - Auctions have been around for centuries. But now, some entrepreneurs are using auctions as a vehicle for selling intellectual property. We'll tell you why an auction may be the best way to dispose of your company's stockpiles of intellectual capital.
  • Selling a Technology License Online - Everything else is sold online, so why not technology licenses? Here are just some of the benefits of selling (and buying) technology licenses using the Internet as your primary sales channel.




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