Elevator Ads

4 Creative Ways To Bring Out Elevator Ads

Written by Ashwin Satyanarayana for Gaebler Ventures

Elevators make for very effective vehicles for advertising your business since those who use elevators tend to stare at your ads because of lack of anything important to do. Have you figured it out yet? Check out some creative ways to produce elevator ads:

Ever thought of advertising on elevators?

4 Creative Ways To Bring Out Elevator Ads

Although this kind of advertising really depends on the deal you could make with the building's management, once through, it could be a great way to smear your offers right on consumers' faces with all their attention captured for a few minutes since all people do is to stare at the walls of the elevator while it is in motion. How do you capitalize on this kind of medium? Here are four creative ways to bring out effective elevator ads:

Ever tried branding push buttons for the elevators: What do you think is the first thing people who get into elevators look at? What do think they reach out for the first thing after they enter the elevator? It's the push buttons with floor numbers on them. Ever thought of branding these buttons? Why not find a way to re-create those numbers to reflect your brand in some way or the other? Alternatively, if the buttons are too small to be branded or if there isn't much space to do it, you could look to brand the panel or the immediate area surrounding it because this area would come into view while looking at the buttons anyway.

Illuminated Displays on elevator walls: The next thing people might probably look at - while entering and also while riding the elevator - is the steel wall of the elevator. Could you not put up illuminated displays mounted on one or more of the four walls of the elevator? Think about it - there is nothing else for those who ride elevators but to see your ads and read your messages. All you need to do is to make sure that you have effective, result-fetching copy on these wall-mounted advertisements.

Ads on doors: People who ride elevators inevitably stand to face the interior side of the elevator door waiting to pour out when their floor arrives. Why not put up an ad here? This is already in practice with some of the sky trains and metro trains in many world cities, so why can't it be done for elevators? Again, you could choose to have one single ad - one half of this ad on one half of the double-doors or you could choose to have two separate ads - one on each of the halves of the double doors that slide.

Branded digital floor counters: Here's another thing common among us when we elevators, we all tend to look at the digital counter, don't we? You could aim to design digital counters in such a way that your products and services can be advertised alongside the ticking numbers. Alternatively, if it is impossible to do that, you could look to target the area immediately surrounding the counter.

Ash has an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA from Ohio University. Today he is a corporate trainer, business coach and a freelance writer.

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